The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) on Friday renewed it vow to uphold and pursue their commitment to serve the Filipino people amid negative accusations hurled against the humanitarian organization.

“The Philippine Red Cross is one of the respected Red Cross organizations in the world. Our staff and volunteers will not stop providing service to our countrymen even there are negative issues thrown against us,” a PRC news statement read.

“We will continue to provide help especially now that there is a pandemic,” the statement added in Filipino.

The PRC likewise cited its outstanding contributions in the government’s Covid-19 response.

As of September 16, 2021, the PRC has already tested 4,254,872 swab and saliva samples, which is 21 percent of the total tests conducted in the Philippines.

The PRC has 13 operational molecular laboratories strategically located across the country, with a 14th molecular laboratory to open in Cotabato City this weekend.

They also vaccinated a total of 127,808 individuals in its 20 Bakuna Centers and 16 Bakuna Buses.

The Bakuna Buses make up PRC’s mobile vaccine clinic fleet going around the country to provide free vaccinations to remote communities whose citizens have not been able to get inoculated due to lack of mobility or health issues.

The PRC also served the medical needs of 3,381 patients in its 6 operational isolation facilities.

Earlier this week, PRC’s Tuguegarao Isolation Facility accepted its first batch of patients to respond to the rising cases within the region.

Additionally, 34,810 patients have also been served by the PRC in its emergency field hospitals and medical tents.

As of September 17, a total of 111 medical tents were deployed by PRC to assist 62 hospitals located in areas where there are high cases of Covid.

Part of PRC’s Covid response is providing hot meals to communities affected by lockdowns.

The Red Cross’ Hot-Meals-On-Wheels is a food truck fleet that has provided freshly cooked food to 85,799 individuals to date.

All these are on top of PRC’s regular blood services and convalescent plasma, free dialysis treatments, housing, and free ambulance services to indigent individuals.

The PRC said that they perform around the clock since the pandemic began.

There are also disaster recovery operations being implemented by the PRC to help victims of typhoons and other natural disasters to get back on their feet.

“The Red Cross is staying true to its ethos of being ‘Always First, Always Ready, Always There for Filipinos,’” PRC vowed.

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