TELECONSULTATIONS with doctors have saved so many lives in quarantine. From “simple” illnesses like the common cold and skin allergies, consultations with doctors are important if you can afford them. 

For older people and those who have mobility issues, online medical consults are very important.  Back then, we had to wait hours outside the doctor’s office for our consultations. Of course, in the time of Covid-19, that is no longer possible. Most people will not expose themselves for hours. Imagine the risk. 

Medical missions, of course, became a thing of the past, since doctors and nurses these days no longer have the time to go elsewhere as the hospital system is already overburdened with Covid cases.  That said, the move of mWell, the only fully integrated health and wellness mobile app, to hold a nationwide virtual medical mission, dubbed National mWellness Day, was very much welcome in these times.

On September 4 and 5, the first nationwide online medical mission in the Philippines took place via the mWell app of Metro Pacific Health Tech Corp. The consultations with primary care and specialized doctors were provided for free. Journalist Kara David, founder of Project Malasakit, hosted the online event in the National mWellness Day culminating activity:

“As caretakers, guardians or as a parent, the anxiety and challenges of getting quality medical care is heightened especially in this Covid-19 pandemic. The first-ever virtual medical mission by mWell PH brings health and wellness closer to people. Nakakalungkot, subali’t totoong may kakulangan sa health care para tugunan ang pangangailangan ng ating mga kababayan [It’s sad to admit that there is a gap in the country’s health-care system. Our countrymen are unable to get the quality health care that they deserve].” mWell’s goal is to transform the country’s digital health landscape by providing professional consultations, medical diagnosis care and treatment plans to all Filipinos as part of the MVP Group’s Gabay Kalusugan advocacy.

Gabay Kalusugan aims to make health care and wellness available and accessible to more Filipinos through medical missions, sports camps, the distribution of hospital supplies, equipment, test kits and beds to various hospitals and facilities, and the development of an integrated health-care platform (mWell) so that every person’s health and wellness needs would be just a few clicks away. 

Dr. Melani Camarillo Espino, a volunteer obstetrician and gynecologist, said that in this pandemic, she has limited her clinic calls to telemedicine so she can be contacted anytime, anywhere. Using the mWell platform, Espino’s initial apprehension was cleared because she discovered how user-friendly it was and the technical support was prompt.

“Using mWell is just like making a private house call with my patients from the comforts of their homes. The flow of my virtual consultations are smooth, plus I gained more patients through the app.  I want to reach out to more patients even in remote areas and those who are afraid to go out,” said Espino. 

The mWell app is backed by top names in the health care, wellness and tech industries. CareSpan’s Clinic in the Cloud integrates digital care tools and data for mWell doctors and patients. LotusFlare’s multiawarded cloud-native, IT digital enablement platform ensures a seamless, end-to-end customer experience. Ping An’s health-care technologies enables mWell to address Covid-19 concerns, diagnosis, care and treatments.

You can download the mWell app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. More information can be found at

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