The living room is the prime spot of entertainment in your home where your family comes together to spend quality time and celebrate special occasions. That’s why it is vital to make your living room a more comfortable and inviting place. When you want to start upgrading your living room into a stylish and functional space, we’ve rounded up these 15 essentials from Wilcon Depot that you can add  to revamp and refresh the look of your living room completely.

  1. Sofa

When upgrading your living room, sofas should be the first thing that you need. Choose the perfect cozy and comfortable couch that you would want to spend hours sitting and relaxing. 

Heim William 1-seater and 2-seater sofas

  1. Center Table

The Center table is significantly essential in your space for it keeps all your essentials within reach. It is also a great space to showcase all your decorative items and elements, giving your living room a cohesive look.

Safdie & Co. Russel Center Table, Heim Ortiz Center Table, Mee Center Table, and Jeriel Center Table 

  1. Free-standing Mirror

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can add to your space is a mirror. This full-length rectangular free-standing mirror is designed with a sleek metal frame that can make your room look bigger and brighter. 

Heim Spiegel Mirror with Stand

  1. Vases

Dress up your tables with decorative items like vases to display your floral arrangements and other accessories impressively. For unique table centerpieces, these glass vases can bring charm and glamour to your space.

Heim Glass Vases

  1. Plant Holders

Your living room wouldn’t be complete without plants. So fill your corners with your favorite oversized plants and tuck it using these plant holders for an elegant touch.

Heim Pitea, Sigtuna, and Skanur plant holders

  1. Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can make your space feel cozier under your feet. These patterned carpet tiles are ideal flooring for your living room as it is anti-slip and easy to install.

P.Tech Pudding, Viber, and Aden carpet tiles

  1. Floating ledge

Adding floating ledge to your walls is every homeowner’s favorite space-saver. When you’re out of floor space, you can store your belongings and display accessories with these floating shelves.

Heim floating ledge

  1. Candle Holders

Customize your space for a special occasion and add extra light and style with these candle holders. Illuminate your area and make a subtle statement with these metallic and chic candle holders.

Heim Vela, Lulea, and Lund candle holders

  1. Wall Decors

Avoid bare naked walls and fill your home with unique and eye-catching wall artworks. Design a gallery wall with various wall arts and paintings to give your room a personality and stunning focal point.

Heim Rachel Painting, 5-leaves metal wall decor, and Tropic metal wall decor

  1. Wall Clocks

Aside from keeping you on time, wall clocks make statements, too. So hang these stylish and unique wall clocks to make your living room walls stand out. Wall clocks are certainly a lovely addition to any room.

Heim Clocks

  1. 3D Wall Panel

For exquisite wall coverings, you can opt for 3D wall panels. It is typically used for interior wall decoration. These easily installed decor pieces can uplift your artistic personality and transform your living room into a modern-looking space.

Heim Matrix and Barcelona 3D Wall Panels

  1.  Console Table

A console table is an elegant and beautiful furniture piece to upgrade the look of your living room. With its trapezoidal and sturdy metal frame, this console table allows you to have plenty of space to store and display your favorite books, photo albums and frames, and other home decoration pieces.

Heim Console Table

  1. Ottoman

Ottoman is another space-saver item that you should have in your home. Besides its various design options, it is a multi-functional home piece serving as a footstool, additional storage space, and end table. 

Heim Ottoman with Storage

  1. Wallpapers

You can accentuate your home and bring more life and attractiveness to it with wallpapers. Get endless design and pattern options of wallpapers that can add a wow factor and personal touch to your space.

Heim wallpapers

  1. Organizers

When you want to declutter your living room and get rid of all the unwanted pieces around the corners, you can get things back in order with organizers. A must-have piece to make your room well-organized.

Heim shelves

You can show off a well-designed and crafted living room by having all these essentials to upgrade the overall look of your space. Get all these home pieces for your living room from the right furniture, functional items, and decorative elements at Wilcon Depot. Shop at any of their 68 Wilcon Depot and Wilcon Home Essentials stores nationwide or shop online at Wilcon Online Store by visiting

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