Topnotch homebuilder and residential property innovator Empire East recently announced that 96% of its employees have now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, an indicator of the company’s success in its “I AM ARMED” campaign.

“We highly encourage our entire workforce, from the ranks up to the executives, to get vaccinated for the protection not only of themselves and their families but also the homebuyers we serve,” shared Atty. Anthony Charlemagne C. Yu, President and CEO of Empire East.

Even before the rollout of the national government’s vaccination program, the company actively campaigned among its employees the benefits of being vaccinated through a series of webinars and social media information drives. Empire East even extended its “I AM ARMED” campaign to its accredited salesforce, reaching a 90% vaccination rate.

“The safety of our homebuyers and our workforce has always been our top priority,” says Atty. Yu. The developer’s chief executive also added that while the company has already adapted to the “new normal” through its transmutation program, and contactless transactions with its stakeholders are being practiced, its offices and showrooms have now become safe spaces due to the herd immunity achieved by its employees and sales partners.

Despite the commendable high vaccination rate, Empire East never ceases to strictly implement all safety protocols within the premises of its work sites. The remaining 4% of unvaccinated employees are currently under remote work outside Metro Manila, awaiting the availability of vaccines. The company targets to attain a 100% vaccination rate among its people before the year ends.

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