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Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson, a Fil-American making waves in the NBA, was mistaken to be just an ordinary fan by a reporter in Salt Lake City.

For KUTV reporter Hayley Crombleholme, that funny incident embarrassed her to the max because the video has gone viral.

The hilarious interview happened on the streets when Crombleholme bumped into Clarkson and proceeded on asking him about the Jazz’s upcoming season unmindful that the one she was interviewing was one of the team’s top guns and winner of last season’s Sixth Man of the Year award.

Jordan Clarkson during the interview. (Screen shot from Twitter)

“So did you go to any Jazz games?” Cromblehome asked to which Clarkson replied with a straight face, “Yeah, a lot.”

Upon realizing it, Crombleholme rued her missed chance to interview the man who was a vital cog in the Jazz’s impressive run in the last two seasons. She posted the clip of the interview on her Twitter account which drew funny reactions, including some from Jazz players.

“I just interviewd @JordanClarksons off the street without realizing it was Jordan Clarkson. I have some follow up questions…” said Crombleholme.

She even had the 29-year-old combo guard spell his name to make matters worse for Crombleholme who almost shrunk in embarrassment.

“Had him spell his name and everything. I’m only mildly (okay highly) embarrassed,” she tweeted.

Clarkson – who also had stints with Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, was a sparkplug off the bench for Jazz. He posted a career-best 18.4 points per game while shooting 34.7 percent from the three-point country. 

Clarkson’s teammates Joe Ingles and Donovan Mitchell also had a few good laughs about the interview.

Clarkson, for his part was all good about it and issued support to Crombleholme and playfully tweeted that he was just happy he spelled his name right.

“haha “Lets GO JAZZ! Cant wait to get started!!,” said Clarkson.

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