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September 25, 2021 | 3:59pm

MANILA, Philippines — Singer Sitti Navarro gave birth to her second child via caesarian section. 

In her Instagram account, the bossa nova singer said her daughter Osseah Lucille was born on September 23. 

“She’s here Osseah Lucille Ramirez. Born Sept 23, 2021 at 11:12pm. Weighing 5 lbs and 8 ounces, perfectly healthy! With an APGAR score of 9.9. Thank You, Jesus,” she wrote. 

In her Instagram story, Sitti said she was supposed to deliver her baby on September 27 but she experienced early labor. 

“We were scheduled to give birth Monday pa dapat. But yesterday morning, after I vomited my breakfast, my OB asked to see me; she said it might be a sign of early labor,” she said. 

“So we had our checkup in the morning.. it was all good! I felt some minor contractions that went away.. still, Dra asked us to go for a Non-Stress Test to be sure. She also asked us to have our RT-PCR tests done na rin just in case,” she added. 

Sitti also said that her doctor decided to emergency CS her that day because her baby’s heart rate decelerated. 

“Well. just like how my delivery with Lilibubs was, ganun din nangyari kay Osseah. Her heart rate decelerated to around 90bpm after a strong contraction of 100 in the tocometer (which didn’t feel strong for me at all hehe). So my OB said we would undergo emergency CS that very same day,” she said. 

“I had to do a repeat RT-PCR na mas mabilis ang result (4-6 hours) which costs P10k+!! Kasi kailangan talaga muna malaman kung positive or negative ako before I can undergo CS. I had the NST at 2pm, was swabbed at 4pm, had to wait for the results which came out around 9:30pm. 10pm I was wheeled into the OR na,” she added. 

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