Drawing inspiration from classic works of art has been around for a very long time. Whether it is making use of classic tropes for stories or referencing classical paintings, artists always manage to take these classic works and put them into a new modern perspective. And for future punk musician Yung Bae, this philosophy is largely the reason why he got into music producing.

No, contrary to his stage name, Yung Bae is not at all Asian. Born as Dallas Cotton and based in Portland, Oregon, he first fell in love with producing when he stumbled onto the vaporwave genre on YouTube.

“It was what got me into producing,” said the 27-year old producer, “and it was also around the time people were discovering city pop. It was one of those things accidentally recommended to me in the sidebar, and it turned out to be one of my favorite music genres,”

Inspired by City Pop’s “classic disco but more jazzy” sound, he quickly got to work in sampling his favorite tunes and putting his own unique spin on them. This produced works such as “Take My Love”, “Satisfy”, and eventually, his debut album “Bae.”

“I love taking elements of that, it’s so interesting and fun. It’s truly one of those things that brings me a lot of happiness, fun and joy,” he said of the process, “cause you really have to work to find the perfect one,”

However, for his latest release, “Silver and Gold”, Yung Bae decided to challenge himself by making his own samples completely from scratch. He describes the project as a way to “combine my old self and new self” that is bolstered by an “elevated sound.”

“The end goal now is: ‘how do I create these samples from scratch?’ and really make it me,” he said.

Featuring a sunny sounding instrumental with a catchy, anthemic chorus, “Silver and Gold” is an Olympics-inspired track that features Australian singer-songwriter Sam Fischer and R&B artist Pink Sweat$. With its carefree, happy beat and inspiring lyrics, the song does sound like a labor of love between the three artists that made the most of the one and a half year they spent working on it. Moreover, the city pop influences add to its charm, lending it a warm, nostalgic vibe that makes it a track that is both comforting, powerful and fun at the same time.

“It feels like it’s travelled through different times, pens and cities to end up as the glorious moment it is now. I’ve been a fan of Yung Bae and Pink Sweat$ for a while so I’m stoked to be able to come together on a song about celebrating and going hard at life,” said Sam Fischer.

“Silver and Gold” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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