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September 28, 2021 | 12:00am

Yam Concepcion is true to her words. She speaks her mind with conviction every time there is a point she would like to raise. Her ideas reflect her true persona. She, too, expresses her feelings sans pretensions.

The actress expressed delight over the success of the just-concluded Init Sa Magdamag that she starred in with JM de Guzman and Gerald Anderson. The drama series gave Yam the kind of role that pushed her to deliver her best acting performance. In my previous interview with her, she described her character Rita as “human as she is, she makes decisions out of love and it could be good or bad.”

Yam loved Rita for her selflessness yet fearless in every deed and decision. Small wonder, her most important takeaway in the series was a revelation of her admiration for a person who is courageous in dealing with life’s troubles without feeling any regrets whatever the outcome of her actions may be.

“You have to stand up for yourself. You need to fight; you cannot just stay silent,” said Yam in a firm tone. “You have to be smart enough to know when it (the situation) becomes somewhat abusive. Ikaw na ‘yun. Gut feel mo na ‘yun. Alam mo na sa sarili mo when it is time to stand up for yourself and do the right things,” added Yam who agreed to this virtual conversation with JM and Gerald while she’s in New York spending sweet time with husband Miguel Cuunjieng. They tied the knot last July 24 with family members and close friends present to witness the intimate civil ceremony that took place in Chelsea Piers in downtown Manhattan, the same place where they had their very first date in New York.

Yam Concepcion and her non-showbiz husband Miguel Cuunjieng are enjoying wonderful moments together in their cozy home in the US. They wed in an intimate civil ceremony last July 24 in the same place where they had their first date (top photo).

Yam exuded a glowing aura so visible on screen during our chat. I asked the newlywed, “Gaano kainit ang magdamag para sa ‘yo?”

“S’yempre Tito Boy, bagong kasal, mainit na mainit (laughs). Kasing-init ng summer dito,” responded Yam with a hearty laughter.

Interestingly, Yam defines love with a deeper meaning to it. She said, “Love is a choice, Tito Boy. Even sa vows ko sa wedding ko sinabi ko ‘yun. Love is not just a feeling but a choice that you make. It’s a commitment.”

Before she could further express her thoughts, Miguel appeared from behind, walked straight to Yam and gave her a kiss. Yam suggested that I ask Miguel for his definition of love.

“As a philosophy major, I’m always a fan of Plato’s Symposium and that chapter or that section about the union of two complementary halves that used to be whole,” began Miguel.

“And so when you fall in love and find the right person, that’s the reunion of two parts that used to be whole. In that sense, I do think that Yam and I have the perfect yin and yang.

“So, I’d say we’re complementary opposites — I’m the nerdy one, she’s the cool one. She’s more spontaneous and I’m more kind of regimented. I think she challenges me and pushes me in the right ways and at the same time I also challenge and push her in the right ways,” he declared.

Following that philosophy, Miguel assented to what Yam had earlier stated that love is a choice.

“Absolutely. It’s a broader choice and then thousands of many choices every day. But beyond that, I also think it’s about taking yourself out of the relationship and prioritizing the individual as well. So, (I’m) always making sure that if I am to be the right partner for Yam, I am a person that will allow Yam to be her truest self outside of the dynamic of the relationship,” explained Miguel.

With the couple enjoying wonderful moments together in their cozy home in the US, curious minds may be wondering if Yam truly meant what she mentioned in previous interviews that Init Sa Magdamag could be her last TV series. Has this changed? I asked.

Yam smiled and said, “Right now, I’m just enjoying my life here so I don’t wanna close any doors yet. Di ba Tito Boy, tinanong mo ko sabi ko prioritize love and I am prioritizing love right now.”

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