THE NATIONAL Electrification Administration (NEA) said officials and employees of electric cooperatives (ECs) who are running for office next year are required to take a leave to prevent possible abuse of funds and influence. 

In a memorandum posted on its website this week, the agency said EC leaders and workers who file their certificates of candidacy for the 2022 national and local elections will “automatically” be considered on leave from the start of the campaign period until the election is over to “avert the misuse of power or position or the use of EC resources” during the campaign period.  

NEA officials and employees who win must resign from their posts once they are proclaimed winners. Meanwhile, party-list group representatives who garnered the required number of votes must also resign from their positions upon assumption of office.  

“EC officials and employees who lost their candidacy or not chosen as the party-list nominee during the said elections may continue their position or employment with the EC,” NEA said in a memo signed by Officer-In-Charge Rossan SJ. Rosero-Lee. 

The Commission on Elections has set the filing of certificates of candidacy for all positions on Oct. 1-8.   

The campaign period for national positions and party-list groups will run from Feb. 8 to May 7, 2022, while those for House of Representatives members and  local posts will be from March 25 to May 7. — Angelica Y. Yang 

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