The country’s fixed broadband internet speed continued its improvement for the 15th  straight month as Ookla Speedtest Global Index reported Philippine internet speed accelerating further.      

Fixed broadband speed increased from 71.17Mbps in July 2021 to 72.56Mbps in August.      

The latest speed represents a month-to-month improvement of 1.95% for fixed broadband.      

The speed also represents an improvement of 817.31% since the Duterte administration began in July 2016.      

The report also showed an increase in mobile speed as the country yielded an average download speed of 33.77Mbps from 33.69Mbps the month before. The latest download speed represents a month-to-month improvement of 0.24% for mobile.  The speed represents an improvement of 353.89% since the Duterte administration began in July 2016.     

Philippine fixed broadband speed now ranks 63rd out of 180 countries.     

For mobile, the country now ranks 73rd out of 140 countries.    

Out of 50 countries in Asia, the country’s internet speed now places 17th for fixed broadband and 22nd for mobile.     

In Asia-Pacific, the Philippines ranks 14th for fixed broadband and 13th for mobile out of 46 countries. In the Association of Southeast Asian Nation, the country ranked 5th in both fixed broadband and mobile out of 10 countries.     

The President’s announcement to streamline and speed up the issuance of LGU permits in July 2020 generated a significant increase in permits granted to telcos from July 2020 to June this year vis-à-vis 2019.     

Improvement on internet speed is largely attributed to this development as telcos are able to fast-track building infrastructure (cellular towers and fiber optic network) necessary in boosting services and connectivity. 

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