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September 29, 2021 | 3:37pm

MANILA, Philippines — Long-time Kapamilya weatherman Kim Atienza hinted that a “transition” in his career will be coming soon.

In his Facebook account, Kim went live to tell his fans that he has an announcement to make this coming October 1. 

“Alam ko bakit napakaraming mga viewers natin ngayon, lalung-lalo na sa Facebook, kasi may mga kumalat na post tungkol sa mga gagawin ko daw sa mga susunod na araw, mga desisyon na gagawin ko sa mga susunod na araw,” Kim said. 

“For those who follow me here on Facebook and YouTube, ‘Kuwentuhan with Kuya Kim,’ remember, a couple of weeks ago, I was… I told you to pray for me because I am in transition. Remember that?” he added. 



In the live video, Kim talked about the transition. 

“Transition. What does transition mean? Transition is moving from Point A to Point B. This is what I can say: the transition is real,” he said. 

“I cannot tell you any specifics, any specific as to what transition, to where, and the details. But I would highly suggest that you watch me on ‘TV Patrol’ this coming Friday. It will be a very historical day for me on ‘TV Patrol’ on Friday,” he added. 

The son of former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza also said that he prays for signs. He added that he’s sure that there will be haters after he made the announcement. 

“I pray for signs, and the signs have been so clear whenever it’s His will. Whenever it’s His will, the signs are so clear in the decision I make… It will be official on Friday, that’s what I can tell you. Watch me on ‘TV Patrol’ on Friday and you will know what it’s all about,” he said. 

“And I’m sure that after I make the announcement there may be haters, there may be people who will not follow me anymore or will not subscribe to me. I’ll be hearing a lot of negative comments, but that’s okay. People are entitled to feel the way that they want to feel especially now that people are frustrated because of what’s happening in our society,” he added. 

GMA Network, meanwhile, posted on its social media account that a “Kuya” is on his way to become a Kapuso. 



“Parating na si Kuya, mga Kapuso,” it wrote. 

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