Viral online seller Daisy Lopez, known to most as Madam Inutz, has officially released her debut single dubbed “Inutil.”

She stunned fans with her fashionista get-up in the accompanying music video of the song as released on YouTube, recently.

Many point to Madam Inutz looking as glamorous as Lady Gaga in the video.

It should be noted that Madam Inutz is more than just a capable singer.

Her raspy voice is perfect for any kind of tune whether novelty, rap, hip hop or rock.

Madam Inutz is quite the professional, too.

According to the producers of her video, she had no qualms shooting her scenes even if it took hours. She never complained and was still all-smiles and full of energy.

Madam Inutz prepared well for the recording. For days she didn’t drink cold water and she didn’t even shout the way she used to as seen on her viral online selling videos.

Of course, she couldn’t be more thankful to Wilbert Tolentino, her manager, for allowing her the huge break.

According to her, Wilbert could have picked younger, more talented singers out there but he took her on, helping her launch her debut single.

She feels honored and forever grateful to Wilbert maintaining never in her wildest dream that she think she would have gone this far.

Wilbert, on his part, said he has a lot in store for Madam Inutz.

Among others, he is aiming to establish her as a brand ambassador of online sellers. He also wants her to learn more about entrepreneurship so that she can invest and make her business grow while making strides as entertainer.

Lastly, he wants her to become a world-famous vlogger.

“Inutil” is now available via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Vevo, Tiktok, Youtube Music, Beatport, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Shazam, iTunes, Facebook, iTunesRadio, and other streaming sites.

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