Instead of spending hard-earned savings to treat family and friends in his birthday, a young man in Barangay Panginay, Balagtas Bulacan opened their home to welcome vulnerables who already submitted themselves for Covid-19 vaccine.

Kobe Delos Reyes who recently turned 18, has treated senior citizens, persons with disability, and solo parent in their community, with several social programs that intend to take care of their mental health and social being by converting their house into ‘Community for the Vaccinated Vulnerables, Indigents and Disabled’ Complex (COVID Complex).

Kobe COVID Complex

The complex is open during weekends, from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. It intends to enhance the importance of getting vaccine and encourage public participation to ease the negative and ill-effects of the pandemic.

Delos Reyes, said the elderly were allotted a space for mental recreation wherein they can play, board games like chess, game of the generals, scrabble, boogle, traditional dama, sungka and jengka (building blocks). They enjoy free coffee, biscuit and candies while socializing with their counterparts who are also taken the vaccine or already have the first jab.

Kobe COVID Complex

A health watch section also serves them by regular blood pressure monitoring. A volunteer prick their fingers for blood sugar test and blood pressure monitoring. A variety of medicines and vitamins can be dispense for free provided they present a genuine prescription from a doctor or in health center.

Kobe COVID Complex

Solo parents are also treated with the same benefits while inside the complex. In addition, their children who are afflicted with asthma enjoy free nebulization inside the compound.


Abused children, Child at Risk and Children in Conflict with the Law, get free counseling from Registered Social Workers who support the proponent’s noble project. They interact with RSWs thru zoom, google and other social media platforms. Children’s cases are treated with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

Kobe COVID Complex

Meanwhile, PWDs are given the same accommodation except that they stand to receive grocery items for their delight.

Delos Reyes came up with the idea of establishing a COVID-Complex due to its sustainability. “While we provide immeasurable benefit thru the mental health of the vulnerable sectors because we provide mostly service, still, we are allotting minimal expenditures for the food of our beneficiaries.

The COVID Complex is open during weekends. We welcome all members to visit our compound to socialize in a well-ventilated facility. Volunteers who wish to help us man the place are also welcome. They can reach us at mobile numbers 0922-8082168 & 0956-0127395 or send us a private message thru Facebook account: Kobed Complex.


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