Pharmally executive Krizle Grace Mago is still “missing,” the Blue Ribbon committee declared at the start of its tenth hearing today.

Responding to a query by Sen. Risa Hontiveros, Blue Ribbon chairman Sen. Richard Gordon asked Atty. Rudy Quimbo of BRC if Mago has been in touch with them since becoming incommunicado after the Sept 24 hearing.

“Your honor, she is not here,” Blue Ribbon director general Quimbo informed Gordon.

“So she is still missing?” asked Gordon.

“Yes, she is still missing,” confirmed Quimbo, referring to Mago, who earlier admitted instructing warehousemen to alter the manufacturing dates on Pharmally’s medical-grade face shields due for delivery to government hospitals.

Quimbo explained to Gordon that committee resource persons “are requested to email us beforehand so we can email them the link.  But she has not emailed us.”

Gordon then asked Quimbo to request OSAA to help trace Mago. “She’s more than just a clerk. I think she knows a lot more, and does a lot more, for Pharmally.”

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan suggested that Blue Ribbon ask Pharmally corporate secretary Mohit Darghani if he knew Mago’s whereabouts.

“Mr Chairman, I don’t know of Ms Mago’s whereabouts, sorry about that,” Darghani told Gordon.

However, he admitted to Gordon that “the last time I spoke to her was Saturday morning,” which was already the time the Blue Ribbon lost contact with Mago after offering her protective custody Friday night.

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