COLDPLAY & BTS, My Universe

After months of speculation, the single “My Universe” featuring the much-anticipated collaboration between Brit band Coldplay and Korea pop powerhouse BTS has just been released.  The second single from Coldplay’s upcoming studio album, the bilingual track talks about love as grand as the universe.  A series of “My Universe”-related new content including an official lyric, an Inside My Universe documentary, and an acoustic version of the song has also been unveiled.

CURSEBOX, Puso At Diskarte

The first single off the Def Jam Philippines’ second compilation EP, Rhapsodicity, “Puso at Diskarte” brings together veteran and rising Filipino hip-hop artists—each offering distinct expertise and star power to the mix. Produced by Cursebox, the all-star collab documents the struggles of every hip-hop artist involved in the project and how they managed to survive the odds through determination, commitment, and hard work. All the participating artists penned their parts, with Allan Mitchell “Daddy A” Silonga, A&R Senior Manager of the label, co-writing some of the verses and the bridge.

DURAN DURAN – Anniversary

Produced by Duran Duran along with British DJ/producer, Erol Alkan, the anthemic  Anniversary’, is the third song taken from the internationally acclaimed band’s forthcoming fifteenth studio album titled  Future Past.  Speaking from London, Duran Duran bassist and founder member John Taylor said: “Anniversary is a special song for us. Obviously, we were conscious of our own impending 40th anniversary of making music together, but we wanted the song’s meaning to be inclusive in the broadest possible way.  It was also fun to build a track with hints of previous Duran hits, they’re like Easter eggs, for the fans to find.” 

AMIEL ABAN –  Honest

Aspiring Philippine-based musician, singer/songwriter, and producer Amiel Aban   describes his latest single “Honest” to be about frustration and freedom experienced from not being true to who you really are, He said that the song “encourages self-love, and self-discovery in a world where things, people, and wrong, choking standards try to dictate who we should be and what we should do.” Written and produced by Amiel Aban, “Honest” is purposefully made to be groovy and danceable, portraying the freedom people all experience in authenticity and honesty in being who they are.

BRYAN ESTEPA – Back To The Middle EP

Two years on from the release of his sixth studio album, “Sometimes I Just Don’t Know” in 2019, Filipino-Australian artist Bryan Estepa returns with another set of soulful and melodic guitar pop for Lilystars Records, In authentic troubadour fashion, Estepa lets his songs take him to where it wants to go most of the time. “But by the end I did notice a leaning towards the idea of letting go and acceptance,” Estepa shares in a statement. “Life throws us curveballs that we may not want or see coming, but then we ask ourselves how do we deal with them? There’s always a slither of light ahead.”


Actress Alessandra de Rossi launches AWOOO Records

Fresh from the success of her directorial debut My Amanda in July, Alessandra de Rossi has taken things a notch higher, putting up her own label AWOOO Records.

AWOOO, which spells out to “A World Of Our Own,” is not so much about scratching a visionary itch but passing deserving talents the mic. “I think [Filipinos] really stand a chance in changing how the world looks and sounds,” Ms. De Rossi says, confident that local music can enjoy the same attention other art forms like cinema are getting. “All we need is to offer something pure, peculiar, and distinct. I think we can make it, too!”

AWOOO’s two inaugural artists, both women are Hya, the Fil-German chanteuse from San Carlos City and the SoCal-based singer-songwriter Alfa.

DOST To Map PH Music Industry

The National Research Council of the Philippines of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-NRCP) will conduct new policy research on the Philippine music industry in support of the proposed House Bill (HB) No. 8101 or the Philippine Creative Industries Act.

HB 8101, filed by Pangasinan 4th District Representative, Christopher “Toff” de Venecia, is pushing for the promotion, protection, and improvement of the creative economy, where music and the performing arts are important sectors.

The DOST-NRCP new policy research study titled “Musika Pilipinas: Research and Mapping Towards Understanding, Scoping, and Defining the Philippine Music Industry”, aims to provide a comprehensive baseline of the economic performance of the Philippine music industry of the country and the specific structure of its players, transactions and creative and production dynamics.

The study’s potential impact includes the social well-being of Filipino music artists and other stakeholders of the music industry; cultivate a sense of pride for Filipino composed music; and creation of stable jobs for musicians, producers, and music managers, among others.

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