Malacanañang finally released the new package of standard benefits for workers of government-owned and -controlled corporations (GOCC).President Rodrigo R. Duterte finally signed last Friday  Executive Order No. 150, for the new compensation and position classification system (CPCS) index of occupational services position titles and jobs for GOCCs. 

This after the  Governance Commission for GOCC (GCG) completed the review of the previous compensation for GOCC workers to ensure it is free of any “excessive, unauthorized, illegal and/or unconscionable allowances, incentives, and benefits.”

To note, Duterte issued Executive Order (EO) No. 36 in 2017, which suspended the implementation of the CPCS stipulated in Republic Act No. 10149 or the GOCC Governance Act of 2011 until it could undergo a review. 

Duterte said the new rates will apply to all GOCCs, except those approved for abolition and deactivation, Government Financial Institutions (GFI), Government Instrumentalities with Corporate Powers (GICP)/ Government Corporate Entities (GICP/GCE).

“The GCG shall have the authority to convert or revise the existing position classification system of the GOCCs to be aligned with CPCS under this Order,” Duterte said. 

The new CPCS will be funded by the corporate operating budget approved by the GOCC and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). 

The new CPCS will take effect “upon issuance of the corresponding authorization from the GCG.” It will be reviewed after three years after it takes effect and every three years thereafter. 

Duterte said there should be no diminution of authorized salaries with the implementation of the new CPCS.

Within 90 days from the effectiveness of the Order, the GCG will submit a report to the Office of the President on the implementation of the EO 150.

Duterte warned GOCCs, which will fail or refuse to implement the new CPCS, will face possible reorganization, merged, streamlined, abolished or privatized.

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