MANILA, Philippines — BTS and Coldplay’s collaborative new single “My Universe” skyrocketed to the Billboard Hot 100 song chart at No. 1 this week, overtaking Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, and other notables. 

Sung in mostly English with a mix of Korean lyrics, “My Universe” is the 1,129th No. 1 in the Hot 100’s 63-year history; making it Coldplay’s second Hot 100 No. 1 since 2008 and BTS’ sixth No. 1 entry to the Hot 100 chart following “Dynamite.”

Since its release, “My Universe” recorded a whopping 95.4 million streams and 142,400 downloads sold worldwide based on the September 24 to 30 tracking week, according to the data released by Billboard. 

When the two musical giants broke the news of their collaboration, some fans may have doubted whether or not it’s going to work considering they are worlds apart in terms of musical style. 



But true to what the lyrics say, “They said that we can’t be together, because we come from different sides,” that leads to the electrifying chorus, “You are my universe, and I just want to put you first,” both groups have created boundary-breaking music and have proven that they are a perfect match. 

The official music video is now at 38 million hits on YouTube as of this writing with no signs of slowing down. When a British rock band that is as iconic as Coldplay teams up with a global powerhouse K-pop act, one can only expect the best. 

With its “Guardians of the Galaxy-esque” theme, the music video highlights the two group’s intergalactic adventures to create music that promises to unite people regardless of culture and language. 

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