Gary Valenciano hopes to inspire others not only by his music but by sharing his faith.

“It will help others if others are there for them,” says Gary in an online interview with Senator Joel “Tesdaman” Villanueva in the 10th episode of “AksyonTime,” which aired on A2Z Channel 11 over the weekend.

The multi-awarded singer-actor hopes to inspire others, as he himself was blessed and inspired. He hopes “to plant good seed on good soil because in time that person that I spoke to may produce good fruit as well.”

Gary’s inspiring music and words have touched many, including Joel who looks up to him for advice.

He expressed gratitude to Gary for being there for his family during their “darkest moments.”

In March last year, Joel lost his mother  Adoracion “Sister Dory” Jose Villanueva. His sister, former Bocaue Mayor Joni Villanueva-Tugna died two months after.  

Gary’s journey of faith began when one man who was seated beside him on a plane spoke to him about the Word of God.

“I was in tears because I was going through a dark moment in my life, and I was on my way to some province because I was going to stand together with other people who believed in this man. And that one man that people believed in was the man that sat beside me and talked to me. I opened up to him about the struggles in my life, and he spoke into my life, and that man was your father (Bro. Eddie Villanueva),” he shared.

Gary humbly believes he isn’t worthy of all the blessings he has received. “I’m not a perfect Christian. Ika ‘nga we are all Christians under construction. There’s still a lot of things I need to fix up in myself. And yet He has chosen me. Why? I don’t know why He has chosen me. It’s only because God has been good. And He will be that way yesterday, today, and forever.”

During this pandemic, Gary revealed that he, too, has experienced many challenges.

“Minsan nahihirapan din ako. Minsan hindi ko rin alam kung kelan ko makikita ang pamilya ko ulit abroad. Minsan pag alis ko when I go and work hindi ko rin alam kung ano ba, is it my day today to get COVID-19? And if I get it, will I survive?”

He added that the closure of ABS-CBN compounded his apprehensions.

“Medyo grabe din yung effect sa akin dahil isinara pa yung ABS-CBN last year. We’re happy that with A2Z (Channel 11) now we’re all in this together, first time in the history.”

Despite all this, Gary reminds everyone to keep the faith steady because  “even if the situation does not get better tomorrow, the next months or even the next year the Lord that we have goes over that.”

“AksyonTime” marks the return of Villanueva on television, after years of hiatus in hosting a public affairs show. The senator previously produced and hosted the multi-awarded public affairs program “Adyenda,” which tackled current issues and concerns.

“AksyonTime” airs Saturdays, 10:15 pm on A2Z Channel 11.

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