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October 9, 2021 | 12:00am

Since its launch last April, Sing Galing which is dubbed as the Original Kantawanan ng Bayan has been consistently having an uptrend in its viewership. Just last October, according to AGB Nielsen, it registered at 3.8 percent!

It’s a growth for TV5 where it is shown, considering that it goes head on with the banner newscasts of GMA and ABS-CBN. The show’s “Sing Master” Randy Santiago shares, “Ang magandang nangyari ay lumipad! Alam naman natin na station ito at if hindi lumipad iyan, you know what’s next. Yung contract namin is per season and per show, and now humahaba na ito at gumaganda, nadagdagan pa ng Sabado.”

Speaking of extension, the show was recently given an added day, now airing every Saturday as well, with a Sing-lebrity edition and with Bidaficieries of the celebrity contestants’ choice. This was launched in September and by this month, it has reached 3.4-percent audience share on a Saturday.

Sing Galing also won at the Asian Academy Creative Awards for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment.

One of the strengths of the show is that the production managed to line up a hodgepodge of experts in comedy and music. Besides Randy, Jessa Zaragosa, K Brosas, Ronnie Liang, Donita Nose, Rey Valera on weekdays, Dingdong Avanzado and the OG members of the show are now included and are in fact very much excited to be back in this new edition.

Ethel Booba was the first grand winner of the show and Allan K was the original host decades ago. Randy says that the chemistry among them has been effortless.

“Iyong taping na lang namin for the daily run ang saya-saya! Tapos dinagdagan pa ng Saturday. Kung napapanuod lang ng tao ang taping, talagang hahalagpak ka. Masaya ako namamayagpag tayo!”

Randy has been learning a lot on the show, especially that he’s new in the social media and TikTok bandwagon. He’s so surprised that now, even the younger generation knows the show, thanks to a strong social media presence and of course, their “digiverse” host Zendee who boasts of more than 11 million followers.

The TV host plans to take the show to cities and towns outside Metro Manila if the restrictions permit it already. “We’re talking to the LGUs (local government units). Sooner or later, we’ll have Sing Galing visit their barangays. It’s like Sing Galing sa Quezon City or wherever because we can do that and we can host it for them, and they can have maybe one of us paisa-isa to judge per town di ba?”

As the topic of LGUs was brought up, Randy also found it so funny that recently, his brother Raymart became a victim of fake news. Rumors swirled that Raymart was going to run for an elective post in Olongapo — something that their family laughed at.

“Hindi totoo iyan. May family group chat kami, nag-aasaran kami saan nanggaling yan! Hindi rin namin alam. Wala talagang ganon,” he says.

Randy is not new to political offers and he opened up about how he was once offered to run in Valenzuela. “We grew up there. In fact, the very first mayor ay tito ko. Gerry Angeles! He was married to my tita so kaputukan ng MTB, may mga offer ako noon. Pero tinanggihan ko.”

He adds that he would rather help out through his shows rather than run for public office. “May edad na ako! Tutulong na lang ako. Palagay niyo ba kakayanin ko pa manibihan sa mga constituents natin? Sa show na lang ako tutulong.”

You can catch Randy in Sing Galing on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 p.m., while the Sing-lebrity edition airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. on TV5.

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