MANILA, Philippines — Original Pilipino Music singer Barbie Almalbis gave tips to her fellow musicians on how to cope with the pandemic.

In the latest episode of’s “Slam Book,” Barbie advised her fellow musicians to be a fan of music again and level up their skills while there are still no gigs. 

“Sa mga musicians naman, each one of us have different ways of coping kasi iba-iba naman ‘yung personalities natin,” Barbie said.  

“Some people take this time as a time to rest and recharge and be a fan of music again. Kasi do’n naman tayo nagsimula. Before we became professional musicians, we all started off as music fans,” she added.  



Barbie also said that this pandemic is the time to level up their skills as musicians. 

“So, time mo na makinig, time mo na ma-inspire. ‘Yung iba they cope for being so productive. Like when you’re working from home recording, just upping your skill set like getting better at guitar, better songwriting,” she said. 

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