MANILA, Philippines — Original Pilipino Music rockstar Ely Buendia broke his silence on the Eraserheads reunion after Vice President Leni Robredo decided to run for the highest office in the country. 

In a virtual press conference for his concert Superproxies concert, Ely said his answer was far from a political post but Leni is his top candidate right now. 

“That answer was far from a political post. I do respect and admire Leni. If I were to vote, she’s my top candidate right now,” Ely said. 

“That tweet was a half serious joke maybe, but people made it into a big deal,” he added.

Meanwhile, Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan said in an interview that he doesn’t know about the reunion. 

“Let’s just address it here para isang sagutan na lang – one, I do not know of anything. If it’s anything about the ‘Heads playing together, my policy is tell me about it when I’m ready to sign and rehearse,” Raimund said. 

He also said that Ely’s reply on Twitter has a deeper meaning. 

“Sometimes, the meaning is beyond the tweet,” he said. 

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