THE private operator of Light Rail Transit-1, Light Rail Manila Corp. (LRMC), pushes on with its sustainability journey by taking part in the fight against climate change and its impact.

LRMC has adopted a 2 hectare-site (equal to 800 trees) with one year maintenance as part of its support to the Plant for Life, the annual program of its MVP Group sister company, Maynilad Water Services Inc. (Maynilad).

Plant for Life was established in 2007 with the goal of annual planting 10,000 trees during the rainy season in Ipo Watershed in Bulacan.

Prone to denudation due to illegal logging, forest fires and kaingin deforestation, the 7,250-hectare watershed is the source of 90 percent of Maynilad’s raw water.

Reforestation is crucial to secure its water supply, as well as ensure the quality and quantity for its service areas in Metro Manila. To date, Maynilad has already planted over 550,000 trees in Ipo Watershed, sequestering over 9,200 tons of carbon dioxide.

The support of LRMC for the adopted site includes hauling of seedlings, site clearing, hole digging, out-planting, firebreak establishment, weeding among others.

As part of the company’s sixth anniversary celebration, several LRMC employee volunteers participated in tree planting in September at Sitio Balagbag, Norzagaray, Bulacan.

“Sustainability is a business imperative for LRMC. As one of the cleanest and greenest high-volume modes of transport, rail is definitely part of the solution in creating sustainable lifestyles and economies. At LRMC, we are taking it a step further through initiatives such as this that promote environmental stewardship and partnership with local communities, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Gabay Kalikasan advocacy of the MVP Group,” LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso said.

Malaruhat, kupang and batino trees are among the endemic tree species planted in the adopted site.

It is aimed to address the following objectives: reduce sedimentation, protect watershed resources, reduce turbidity of water, ensure sustainable water source, and integrate carbon sequestration. The reforestation effort is anchored on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Goal 15 (Life on Land).

Gabay Kalikasan is one of the six Gabay Advocacies for a Sustainable Philippines launched by the Metro Pacific Investments Corp. and other MVP Group companies.

These advocacies encapsulate the group’s efforts to attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Filipinos: Livelihood, Youth and Leadership, Environment, Community Work, Health and Sports, and Education.

LRMC has been a long-term advocate of sustainability, having established the Live for the Rivers Movement coalition in 2016 together with various local government units and partners.

The coalition seeks to address the river pollution along the Estero de Tripa Gallina in Pasay City through extensive cleaning, rehabilitation and production of Vetiver Grass and Mabuhay Balls.

LRMC also performs regular clean-up activities in communities near LRT-1, such as the Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila.

As part of its Bikeways Program, LRMC has installed bike racks in all stations and worked with the Pasay local government unit for bike lanes in support of active mobility.

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