A TRAIN COACH of the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) caught fire near Guadalupe station Saturday evening, injuring at least eight people.   

The MRT-3 management said in a statement that the incident was reported at 9:12 p.m. with fire out declared at 9:51 p.m.

“At 9:31 PM, the fire brigade arrived at the area to suppress the fire. At 9:42 PM, mainline technicians were able to uncouple the two other cars from the defective car. At 9:51 PM, the defective car was declared clear from fire,” they said.

Eight people sustained bruises in their legs and arms from jumping off the train to the rail tracks.

In a separate statement published by MRT-3, maintenance provider Sumitomo Corp. said that “all angles are being thoroughly examined” on the cause of the fire and countermeasures are being taken to ensure safety of operations in the rail line.

Provisional service until Shaw Boulevard station was implemented following the incident. MRT-3 has since resumed full operations on Sunday which runs until Taft Avenue station. — Russell Louis C. Ku

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