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October 12, 2021 | 2:14pm

MANILA, Philippines — Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino defended his friend Jake Cuenca over the car chase issue that recently happened between the actor and the Philippine National Police.

In his Twitter account, Paulo said he will also not stop for anyone shooting his vehicle wearing civilian clothes. 

“I wouldn’t stop for anyone shooting my vehicle wearing civilian clothes. Pass through a checkpoint? Hinarang ba?” Paulo said.  

“If someone was shooting me it’s either I shoot back or run for my life. Wrong place wrong time,” he added. 



In another post, Paulo said Jake is not drunk when the incident happened. He also added that Jake is on his way to Paulo’s home to visit him after he recovered from COVID-19. 

“Drunk? No. Nakainom? Maybe. Nakasagasa ba? Nakasakit ng tao? Hindi. Walang malay na nagmamaneho papunta dito sa punyeta kong bahay dahil kaka-recover ko lang sa covid,” he said. 



Police Gen. Guillermo Eleazar earlier slammed Jake for his actions, saying what the actor did was “reckless and only showed lack of discipline and respect to authorities.”

A Grab driver was hit by a stray bullet after a car chase between police and Jake.

The police general said that personnel of the Station Drug Enforcement Unit of the Mandaluyong City Police were about to leave an area in Barangay Barangka in the city after conducting an ant-illegal drug operation when their car was hit by Jake’s vehicle.

Instead of getting out of the vehicle to acknowledge the officers, Cuenca sped off, which resulted in a car chase.

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