Given the title, it is easy to think that it is a love story set in the kitchen.

Well, kind of. But it’s far complicated than that.

The title is actually a play on the name of the lead characters in the series, Beth and Cindy.

As played by Kylie Padilla and Andrea Torres, respectively, Beth and Cindy are a social media celebrity couple enjoying a seemingly perfect relationship.

Online that is.

Behind the filtered posts, things are not so smooth.

Their differing priorities and needs begin pulling them apart, the gap widening the higher their number of followers.

As they figure out what’s next for them, “BetCin” has been selected as a finalist for “#RelationshipGoals.”

The problem is, can they fake it until they make it all for the sake of a lot of likes and the large cash prize in the end?

Kylie is happy with her work in the film.

She said: “I totally enjoyed working with Andrea and the rest of the cast and crew. I think we did a good job. It is nice to be back doing acting again. I sure missed it.”

Andrea echoed the same: “It was a pleasure working with Kylie. I think we created a solid bond doing the film.”

Also joining the colorful cast of BetCin are Elora Españo, one of the country’s most sought-after independent actresses, and Pinoy Dream Academy alumna, Chai Fonacier, an award-winning actress who has appeared in TV shows and films.

BetCin is directed by ShugoPraico and story creator FatrickTabada co-wrote the eight-episode series with writer John Carlo Pacala.

Over eight episodes, Praico balances out the drama that comes from a relationship on the rocks with punches of humor, adding to the relatability of the two central characters.

The show is line-produced by Rein Entertainment Productions.

The release of the series is also timely, as there is a lot of conversation around inclusivity, bringing with it the opportunity to share these stories on a larger scale.

“We feel that the time is right to put the spotlight on stories told from the lens of two women in a romantic relationship. This perspective is not often heard, and we wanted to give it the voice that it deserves,” explains WeTV Philippines country manager Georgette Tengco. “At the core of BetCin is a love story about two people navigating life and love as it plays out on social media. That’s something we can all relate to.”

“BetCin” streams for free starting Oct. 15, exclusively on WeTV.

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