It’s not easy to be gay.

More often than not, being one amounts to being ridiculed, bullied.

But what if the gays of the world band together to form a gang of warriors trained to annihilate haters?

This is basically the premise of Viva Films newest effort, “Barumbadings.”

In it, we will be introduced to a trio of fighting gays: Izzy (Jeric Raval), Jopay (Mark Anthony Fernandez), and Rochelle (Baron Geisler). 

Izzy is the silent type.  In fact, he barely talks. But he’s got Samurai skills. 

Jopay is handy with a gun and is a sharp-shooter. 

Rochelle, always seen with a lollipop in his mouth, is a mixed martial arts expert who will not hesitate to hurt anyone who attempts to harm him or his friends. 

But wait, there’s more.

Award-winning actor Joel Torre also plays an important role in the film as Mother Joy. He is the tie that binds Izzy, Jopay, and Rochelle. 

Joy is not into violence. He is an established fashion designer, owner of the dress shop, House of Joy.

Despite being bullied, Joy remains kind and forgiving. He takes the three young gays under his wing to stop them from getting into trouble.  He trains them in joining beauty pageants. 

But his untimely passing will ultimately shake the trio, leading them to Queenpin, as played by John Lapuz.

What happens next?

Film writer and director Darryl Yap says: “The film is fun. It is very entertaining. But like most of my films it will make you think.”

“Barumbadings” streams exclusively on Vivamax starting Nov. 5.

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