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October 15, 2021 | 12:00am

Andrew E. may be known for his comedic roles in films, as well as naughty and hilarious lyrics in his songs, but the rapper-comedian is a serious person in real life.

He talked about his life mantra and how he would handle problems during a virtual press conference for his latest film Shoot! Shoot! Di Kita Titigilan! under Vivamax.

Despite him being hospitalized before the pandemic, he was still thankful for all the things that he’s been through. He follows the mantra, “Always give thanks to the Lord.”

In a separate press conference, he was asked if he got depressed during these extraordinary times. His answer was in the negative. “Why? Because busy ako na tinataguyod ko yung sarili ko, yung kalusugan ko because na-ospital ako even before pandemic. Kaya imaginin mo kung iniisip ko yung sarili ko na magpagaling, ba’t pa ko mag-iisip ng pandemic?” shared Andrew.

He’d rather put his focus on his health to recover for his family and make a living.

“The best thing you can do to your problem is to embrace it,” said Andrew when asked about how he handles tough situations.

“Your problem, the moment na niyapos mo at natuto mong yapusin, ‘yan ang magpapatalas sa’yo sa buhay. Yan ang magpapatibay sa’yo hanggang sa lalo kang maging mature. You will be so sharp. You will be so strong. You will be so sturdy,” he added.

At the same time, he was able to apply the saying, “Problematize your problem like time.” “Ibig sabihin ang problema mo sa alas dose ng gabi, ‘wag mong problemahin sa alas onse ng umaga. Problemahin mo siya sa alas dose ng gabi….So you can dedicate yourself to things you must do and sasapulin mo lang ang problema kapag kailangan mo na siyang sapulin. So nakakagawa ka. Unlike if you think about your problems the whole time, you can’t do anything else.”

Meanwhile, Andrew, who rose to fame in the ‘90s, also shared his memorable experiences back in the day when he was paired with A-list stars such as Sharon Cuneta and Maricel Soriano.

“Ang dalawang stars na yan ang nagbigay ng dalawang kinang, tuldok at nagbigay ng total prism sa pangalang Andrew E. Yun po ang nagpatibay sa akin sa ‘90s. Nagpatibay sa pangalan ko dahil sa pag-pair nila sa akin at pagbigay ng kanilang biggest talent of all and to share it,” reminisced Andrew.

He continued, “Napakaraming artista din by that time ang namamayagpag kaya isa ako sa mga kulelat din. Kaya kung naibigay sa akin yung chance na ‘yun, Sharon Cuneta and Maricel Soriano, two of the biggest stars at that time up until now. Believe me when I tell you, their names are still in the hearts and minds of people, ayun po ay total achievement po sa isang Andrew E.”

In his latest film Shoot! Shoot! Di Kita Titigilan!, which is streaming on Vivamax, he plays Jack, a small-town guy, whose ultimate dream is to become an actor.

As per synopsis, Jack finally gets chosen to play the role of an heir to his wealthy relative, after countless auditions. While rehearsing his lines, his neighbor hears him talking about inheriting $100B. Jack’s misadventures start when word spreads around town that he’s now a billionaire. He suddenly gets lucky with girls who just want his “money,” but he also gets in trouble with the wrong people.

Directed by Al Tantay, Shoot! Shoot! Di Kita Titigilan! was based on Andrew’s original song released years ago but became a recent hit on TikTok. His leading ladies are sexy stars AJ Raval and Sunshine Guimary.

AJ had this to say about her co-actor: “Kay Kuya Andrew, marami siyang knowledge na natuturo at nasha-share sa akin. At the same time, meron akong partner, meron akong kuya, meron akong tatay.”

She also revealed how caring Andrew was on set and added, “Maraming akong natutunan about sa buhay sa mga kuwento niya. Hindi man siya nag-a-advice ng direct sa’yo, pero pag nagku-kwento siya, may matututunan ka.”

Sunshine liked to be paired up again with Andrew because he is “kind” and he “always shares ideas.” “Napaka-importante sa akin yun. Magtulungan kayo bilang artista. And napaka-galante niyan, guys. Namimigay.”

He may seem “naughty” because of the roles he portrayed in movies and his music style, but he is not at all.

“‘Pag makakasama mo ako sa isang lugar or sa isang pagkakataon, maybe ang naughty lang sa akin eh yung mind. But my lips and my actions, actuations and all that, mga kilos at galaw, hindi po ako ganun. Mind you, pagmakikilala niyo po ako ng lubusan at tahasan, pag nakakasama niyo ako, and that entails the truth coming from my leading ladies na kapag nakakasama nila ako sa set, hindi po ako ganun,” clarified Andrew.

In fact, he is a shy type. “Pumapasok ngayon sa mindset mo na maybe ganun ako dahil rapper ako, hindi po. Sa pagiging rapper ko lang po yun, pero sa pagkatao po, tunay, mahiyain po ako. Mukha lang po ako makapal ang mukha  pero mahiyain po ako (laughs).”

Given his humble beginnings, Andrew said his biggest lesson is to appreciate those people around you and who have helped you, especially during your lowest moments. “Kung sino yung mga nakakatulong sa’yo nung araw, nung walang-wala ka pa, dapat yun din ang taong una mong nililingon nung nagkaroon ka na. Kasi po may kasabihan na kung sino yung taong na-meet mo, nung ikaw ay papa-akyat sa tagumpay, yun din naman ang ma-me-meet mo ‘pag pababa na ang tagumpay na meron ka,” said he.

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