SECURITY Bank Foundation Inc. (SBFI) returned to Tacloban City six years after turning over two school buildings in San Jose Central School (SJCS) to repair donated classrooms heavily damaged by the 2019 earthquakes and Typhoon Ursula.

Said school structures, which host 14 classrooms, were donated by SBFI as part of rehabilitation efforts after Supertyphoon Yolanda’s devastation in 2015.

Remaining committed to the Department of Education’s “Adopt-a-School” program, SBFI recognized the need to go beyond a one-time donation and assist SJCS in times of need. This time, the assistance came in the form of a major post-disaster school-building repair so the structures remain conducive for learning to benefit more students, especially when face-to-face classes gradually resume.

“Commitment in ensuring [they] remain safe and beautiful to behold despite the pandemic…while there are no face-to-face classes, the school buildings serve as working spaces for teachers [who are] doing their best for children to continue [their education] through distance-learning delivery,” said SJCS’ Principal Dr. Greg Galos, who expressed his appreciation to SBFI.

The repairs involved replacement and re-sealing of damaged roofing sheets and ceilings, masonry works for post-earthquake cracks, as well as repainting and restoration of the rusted steel, termite-infested wooden joineries, and troubleshooting for wiring and plumbing systems.

As a standard, SBFI evaluates its donated school buildings every five years to assess structural integrity and conduciveness for learning. Those that were heavily damaged by disaster, such as earthquakes and typhoons, are prioritized for repair to ensure continuity of classes and the safety of students.

Launched in 2011, SBFI’s “Build a School, Build a Nation” helps provide Filipinos with opportunities to develop through education. By year’s end, SBFI would have donated 701 classrooms in 124 schools located in 69 cities and municipalities nationwide.

The foundation remains committed to constructing new classrooms for public schools, especially in communities where Security Bank operates. For more information on SBFI and ways to help, visit or

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