Would you hide your true feelings from someone knowing that you will have to eventually leave them behind and soon?

This is the question posed by Nuel C. Naval’s newest opus, “More Than Blue,” starring Yassi Pressman and JC Santos.

In it, Jc plays the role of K, a young man abandoned by his mother when his father died of cancer.

He shares a home with his best friend Cream, who lost her entire family in a car accident.

K will fall in love with Cream who seems to also love him.

But K discovers that he is dying due to terminal cancer.

He would go on to secretly keep his feelings from Cream and pushes her to marry someone kind.

Eventually, Cream meets John Louis (Diego Loyzaga), an affluent dentist, with whom she announces that she has fallen in love.

It breaks K’s heart, but at the same time, it makes him feel relieved knowing that Cream will not be left alone.

Obviously, K is willing to sacrifice his feelings for Cream’s happiness.

But will it suffice?

To those not in the know, “More Than Blue” is originally a South Korean drama classic released in 2009.

Its Taiwanese remake in 2018 was a huge hit, earning over $300 million gross.

It became a worldwide phenomenon with blockbuster screenings in East Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Also starring Ariella Arida, “More Than Blue” streams on Vivamax this November 19.

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