October 21, 2021 | 4:11pm

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao’s former associate Jayke Joson on Thursday responded to Annabelle Rama’s Twitter rant yesterday, calling the talent manager a “liar” for accusing him of financially abusing Sen. Manny Pacquiao.

Joson, also a former film producer, blasted Rama for her “false” claim that he and businessman Arnold Vegafria stole Php140 million from Pacquiao, who is now a presidential aspirant.

Pacquiao’s former aide instead brought up Rama’s pending court cases, saying she is just out to destroy Joson’s credibility.

“She [Annabelle Rama-Gutierrez] should be ashamed of herself for telling those lies,” Joson said. “Look who’s talking? In the first place, I don’t have any past issues and estafa cases from anyone just like Anabelle. All those were just absolute lies to malign my personality.”

Joson was referring to Rama-Gutierrez’s pending swindling and estafa court cases with the Manila Regional Trial Court (Case Nos. Q-8188-89, Q-8250,21866, 93-128840-45 and 23719).

“She has other pending case on the violation of SPL Statutory on bouncing cheque and grave threat and public disorder in 1993, 2013 and 2016, unjust vexation and oral defamation cases pending in branch 034 in the Metropolitan Trial Court in 2012, and libel case in RTC Quezon City court in 2012,” Joson continued.

In a series of Twitter posts Wednesday, Rama detailed how Joson allegedly took advantage of Pacquiao, who has now sued his former aide for cyber libel and estafa. 

“Binigyan ka ni Manny ng 10M pangbayad sa loan mo sa BDO, Para hindi mawala ang bahay mo. After 2 days pumunta ka sa Dasma, sa house ni Sen. Manny umiiyak at nagmakaawa ulit. Halos hahalikan mo na ang talampakan ni idol. Sabi mo kulang ng 5M, Binigyan ka ulit,” read one of Rama’s tweets. 

Joson brushed off Rama’s rants and is instead eyeing to file a cyber libel complaint against the talent manager.

“I wasn’t shocked by her revelations since it came from her. So it’s just like same feathers that flock together, they are both same swindler,” added Joson, who is now filing a case of cyber libel on the NBI against the former beauty actress for trying to destroy his reputation.

Joson said he and Vegafria are bent on fighting for their reputation, clarifying that the money they received from Pacquiao was part of their commissions from all the sponsorships they brought as part of their planned fight for the retired boxer under Paradigm Sports Management. Rama, he stressed, had no idea about these dealings.

He clarified that Pacquiao had borrowed his 20% commission as well as Vegafria’s commission.

“The senator has a style to borrow your own commission every time you close a sponsorship deal for him that’s why he got the sponsorship 100%. As an agent and the one who is giving money to him, he has an obligation but he borrows even our commission most of the time,” he said.

“That was a hard-earned money. In fact, the senator owes Arnold Vegafria a lot of money from these commissions until now. So Ms. Rama and other liars will be held liable.”

“That was my commission to the senator. I was paid just a year after when I encountered a problem to pay the dues and house amortization. Then, they will tell me that it was his personal help? It’s all pure lies. I worked for that money which I didn’t receive immediately,” Joson explained.

Joson earlier claimed that Pacquiao did not honor his contractual obligation with PSM early this year after getting an advance payment of P165 million. This prompted Rama to go on a social media tirade against Joson.

For his part, Pacquiao through spokesperson Nikki De Vega earlier, announced they are also suing Joson for cyber libel and estafa — a challenge Joson welcomed.

“I am challenging them to back up all their accusations otherwise I will sue them in court,” he said.

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