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October 21, 2021 | 4:50pm

MANILA, Philippines — Princess Paulino, believed to be the cousin of actress Kylie Padilla, lashed out against Kylie’s ex-husband, Aljur Abrenica, for claiming that Kylie cheated first and wrecked their family.

In a Facebook post, Paulino answered Abrenica’s claims against Kylie point-by-point.

“Hey Aljur, please have some decency,” Princess began.

“1. Kylie never cheated on you. Not even when you could not put food on the table,” she said.


Screenshots of Princess Paulino’s Facebook post answering Kylie’s ex Aljur (left) and Princess’ comment alleging Aljur’s repeated cheating.

Princess Paulino via Facebook

Princess also alleged that Aljur owed Kylie “a lot of money” and knew about his alleged cheating “multiple times” but kept mum about it.

“2. You still owe her a lot of money which she never took against you. 3. You cheated on her multiple times and We All know that. Stop your lies,” said Princess.

According to Princess, it was not Kylie who instigated the bashing against Aljur and his alleged new girlfriend, sexy star AJ Raval.

“4. It is not her fault why you have a lot of bashers. It was your choice to flaunt your new girlfriend in public, not hers. 5. Despite the truth that you were an irresponsible husband who broke Kylie’s heart many times, she NEVER went public to say anything against you.”

Paulino also defended her uncle, actor Robin Padilla, who was also bashed on social media for allegedly tolerating Aljur’s alleged cheating.

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According to her, Robin tried to warn Kylie about Aljur’s alleged misconduct but Kylie even sided with her husband back then.

“6. When Tito Robin spoke about your cheating, Kylie did not know about it. She even felt bad.”

Princess pleaded Aljur to “Save some respect for yourself” and to “Stop your LIES.”

In her comment to another Internet user, Princess claimed to be Kylie’s first cousin to whom the actress allegedly ran to share her troubles with Aljur.

She alleged that Aljur cheated on Kylie four times, the last being last February with another girl other than Aljur’s current rumored girlfriend, AJ Raval.

“Sa bahay ko mismo umiyak si Kylie… Her pain took the love away,” she said.

“Matagal (nang) nag-momove on si Kylie.”

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