October 27, 2021 | 5:01pm

MANILA, Philippines — Businessman Jayke Joson on Tuesday filed cyber libel and cyber-bullying complaints against talent manager Annabelle Rama-Gutierrez for accusing the former of theft, which she posted on social media along other malicious claims.

The 47-year-old film producer was accompanied by his lawyer senatorial candidate Atty. Larry Gadon to the office of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) regional director Emeterio Dongallo Jr. — who also enlightened the media regarding the repercussions of cyber libel — to file a 16-page complaint.

“Mrs. Annabelle Rama has maliciously accused Jayke Joson of theft on her social media accounts, Instagram and Twitter, which were taken by mainstream media. Her malicious claims for being a partisan were only meant to destroy the credibility of Joson,” Gadon told media members present.

“We have strong evidences of cyber libel and cyber-bullying against Annabelle Rama. At the same time, she did not refute nor deny her posting and the reports published quoting her claims,” Gadon added. “We want to teach Mrs Rama and other partisans some lessons for telling pure lies to discredit Mr. Joson. We want her to go to jail.”

Joson, a former aide of senator and presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao, and Pacquiao’s business manager Arnold Vegafria were accused by Rama of stealing P140 million from the eight-division champion. Rama slammed Joson last week in her social media accounts after Joson’s past interviews against Pacquiao.

“I am not going to take her accusations just sitting down. I am a Joson and I will fight for the pride of our name until justice is served,” Joson said, adding that Rama’s statements were just meant to destroy his credibility as a Partylist candidate under Frontliners in next year’s national election in May.

“I have no idea about her intention but she’s just out there to impress Senator Pacquiao.”

Rama-Gutierrez, known for her pending estafa cases, also claimed on her post that Joson asked for P10 million from Pacquiao — when she was in the kitchen of Pacquiao’s house — to prevent the foreclosure of his house in Quezon City due to non-payment of amortization and dues.

This was denied by Joson.

Asked about the reaction of Vegafria after he was dragged into the issue, Joson said Vegafria neither denies nor admits the wrongdoings committed by the senator, including the alleged non-payment of their 20% commissions from sponsorships.

“Mr. Arnold Vegafria has referred to me Attorney Larry Gadon to handle the case against Annabelle Rama. At the same time, our friend [Vegafria] is definitely a very good person or should I say he is just afraid that the senator might not pay his pending commissions.”

Joson added that there are so many people who are complaining against Rama for allegedly spreading fake news and gossip while some of those are also planning to file a case in the NBI.

“I wasn’t surprised now that there are victims of her swindling activities who are now approaching me to file a complaint against her,” Joson said.

Citing records, Joson said Rama has still pending swindling and estafa court cases with case numbers Q-8188-89, Q-8250,21866, 93-128840-45 (Manila RTC in 1993) and 23719.

Joson also cited Rama’s other pending cases, including violation of SPL Statutory on bouncing cheque and grave threat and public disorder in 1993, 2013 and 2016, unjust vexation and oral defamation cases pending in branch 034 in the Metropolitan Trial Court in 2012, and a libel case in RTC Quezon City court in 2012.

Dongallo, for his part, said they would review first the case filed by Joson against Rama before making the NBI’s final recommendation. But he warned the respondent that the penalty of cyber libel case if proven guilty is harsher than the ordinary libel case because of the social media aspect.

“Mr. Joson came up here in our office as the complainant with no special treatment but just like anyone else who sought for help, so we gave him legal assistance,” Dongallo Jr. said. “All I can guarantee is that we will act on this case swiftly.”

According to Dongallo, six to 10 years of imprisonment could be imposed on anyone guilty of the said crime depending on the count given by the court.

Joson, meanwhile, said in jest that the case is his birthday gift to Rama, who will celebrate her 69th birthday on October 31.

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