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October 29, 2021 | 12:00am

Kapuso star Andrea Torres is now in Argentina to start filming for her upcoming international film Pasional.

Andrea, who is the only Filipino in the cast, plays the female lead role of a former tango dancer opposite Argentinian actor Marcelo Melingo in the romantic drama set in Co?rdoba, Argentina’s second-largest city.

The actress shared that this year has been nothing but good to her career with its countless blessings, including an international acting gig.

The actress with her Argentinian leading man Marcelo Melingo in Cordoba, Argentina.

“Hindi ako makapaniwala! Napakalaking blessing na napakaganda ng taon na ito for me in terms of career. I’m very, very happy lang talaga,” she said in a statement shared online by her talent management GMA Artist Center.

Meanwhile, in a TV interview on Wednesday with Argentinian media company El Doce, Andrea said she had to learn tango dancing for this film. “Now I do because of this film. I’m really enjoying it. I love how intimate it is. It’s very different from the ones that I used to dance before.”


She added, “I’m very happy to be here. It feels like home. (What surprised me the most), I think, are the similarities with our country, the people, the feel of the place, that’s why it didn’t take a lot for me to adjust because it really feels like I am at home.”

In a post by the local government’s Agencia Co?rdoba Cultura, it said that Pasional is a film by Malevo Films in co-production with the Philippine network GMA, Ferdinand Dimadura and associate producer Agustín Vargas Clerico. It also stated that the film has the full support of the Municipalidad de Co?rdoba, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales and Polo Audiovisual Co?rdoba. Pasional is written and directed by Francisco D’Intino.

A report by Suquia, another local news outlet, said that the shoot takes place at historical, cultural and tourist landmarks, including the El Teatro del Libertador General San Martín, where the first filming day happened, as well as the Pasaje Santa Catalina, Ingeniero Taravella Airport, among others.

In the film, Andrea will encounter Melingo during a plane ride heading to Argentina.

Melingo told Suquia that Pasional tells the story of a (rough translation) “man and a woman (who meet) in the middle of a journey, as are all encounters in a trip, from which a strong romantic relationship is born.”

Melingo is described as an acting veteran with three decades worth of television and cinema acting experience in the national and international level. Among his series and films are Yago, Rebelde Way, Dr. Amor, Desertor, Arpón and Andrés No Quiere Dormir la Siesta.

He was quoted as praising his leading lady as a committed, hardworking, professional and respectful actress.

Pasional is also expected to shoot some scenes in the Philippines.

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