The north continues to rise—and it has given investors more reasons to look closely into the opportunities that regions here can offer.

This renewed interest from investors, the expected economic growth, and increasing business activity in the northern part of the metro can be attributed partly to the existing, new and upcoming infrastructure projects that would ensure its accessibility and connectivity to the capital region. Such projects include, among others, the Clark International Airport, the North-South Commuter Rail Line and the NLEx-SLEx connector.

It thus comes as no surprise that many are now considering “going up north”, whether as a resident or investor.

“We have long seen the potential of the north. This is why even prior to the completion of these infrastructure projects, we have already established our presence in Central and North Luzon. What’s good about these regions now is that they are more accessible, thanks to the numerous infrastructure projects coming online,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. President Mr. Exequiel Robles.

In particular, one province seen to further benefit from the influx of businesses and infrastructure projects in the north is the already progressive Pangasinan.

“Pangasinan already has its fair share of businesses and it has long been ready for developments that could further add comfort and convenience to the residents’ lifestyle—something which we aim to provide them through our latest development, Centro Verde,” Mr. Robles explained.

“This is our latest foray in Pangasinan and through this project, we hope to offer the province a home and an investment that would fit their evolving needs and lifestyle. The project will evoke modern luxuries and conveniences while at the same time provide that rustic vibe many have come to long for,” he added.

Centro Verde Bayambang is a Spanish-modern commercial and residential development that presents an ideal home investment for hardworking individuals including overseas Filipino workers who have come to appreciate the value of having a safe, secure and spacious home during the pandemic.

Currently one of the most luxurious projects to be launched in the historic and culture rich town of Bayamban, Centro Verde evokes opulence as it features a grand entrance that serves as a preview to the grand life that awaits future homeowners. Choice amenities will allow future residents to look forward to a healthy, relaxed lifestyle as they while away their time in the clubhouse or achieve their fitness goals at the pool or basketball court. 

Centro Verde is also a resilient, flood-free gated community with an underground drainage system, while safety is assured with its perimeter fence, well-lit roads, and security personnel at the entrance. It will have centralized water and power systems, while roads will be lined with trees for that suburban, laidback vibe. 

“Centro Verde provides you the perfect setting for a serene lifestyle and maybe even more. After all, the countryside ambience meets today’s so-called essentials as it has ample open spaces and is near commercial and retail areas, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, civic spaces and leisure spots. Future residents will likewise have easy access to the historic town’s numerous cultural and religious sites. On top of these, Centro Verde also places you in a town that currently holds two Guinness Records and which is gunning for cityhood. Now is truly the best time to be at Centro Verde,” Mr. Robles concluded.

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