For some of us, Halloween is just an excuse to finally dress as hot and haunted as we’ve always wanted to. It’s that time of the year when hardly anyone bats an eye if you’ve got fake fangs and a pointed hat on. If you feel your spooky looks are lacking a little oomph, try out Halloween nails for the finishing touch.

Whether you’re looking for something detailed and scary or minimal and cute, we’ve got a list of Halloween nail art inspo that can rival Morticia Addams’ blood red manicure.

Elinail’s aswang-inspired mini sculptures

Local nail artist Elina Jung, orElinails, is known for her cool and outlandish designs. For Tiediet and Andre Chan’s “Gabi ng Lagim” collab project, she created nail sets inspired by Philippine mythological creatures like the aswang. They have a sculptural quality to them that add to the creepy vibe.

Ladybugnailss’ grisly and glam stiletto nails

If you’re a fan of gore, Ladybugnailss’ grisly-looking nail design may be right up your alley. Their sharp stiletto nails have fake blood and open wound details that make them look like flesh. By adding in a bloodshot eyeball and bits of silver thread that look sewed in, the design is made extra scary. It’s definitely worthy of any not-so-squeamish scream queen.

Deequeennails’ killer nail charms

Do you like scary movies? If your answer is yes, why not put your fave horror characters on your nails? Deequeennails makes use of Freddy Krueger and his signature stripes as details, along with a rotating nail charm of Ghostface’s mask. They added in some dripping blood details to complete the slasher film vibe.

Pearlfednailz’s real monsters

Speaking of favorite horror characters, Pearlfednailz chose near forgotten ‘90s animated monsters for their art. Remember Ickis, Oblina and Krumm from Nickelodeon’s “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters”? The goofy trio and their Monster Academy headmaster The Gromble have colorful designs that are perfect for horror pop art. They created slimy-looking details with glittery green nail polish for added flair.

Checkyesmichelle’s neon glow stickers

Another design with vibrant colors on our list is Checkyesmichelle’s ombre nail art. They used purple tones as a backdrop to neon green celestial accents that resemble glow in the dark stickers. They also offer a gorgeous Halloween-ready color scheme for those who want alternatives to the usual black or red polish.

Blue Sky Nails and Lash’s ghost French tips

For something a little more muted, Blue Sky Nails and Lash’s ghost French tips are a cute idea. Like the usual French tip, white polish is added at the tip of the nail. But this time, they’re shaped like ghosts. To play with the negative space, they also tried out pumpkin faces. The design is both cute and clever.

Photo screen grabbed from “The Addams Family” trailer


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