“PLASTIC LOVE,” the 4th digital single by eill, which was released on September 8th, has
had receiving very good reviews. This song is originally from the album VARIETY by
Mariya Takeuchi which was first released in 1984.

The arrangement is made by the producer Yaffle, who is one of the leading figures in the Tokyo music scene. The tempo of the song is slightly slower than the original one and the arrangement is just perfect – it’s not overdone too much or not enough.

The usage of digital effects is quite catchy and has an amazing effect on the vocals. Most of all, eill’s delicate voice cannot be forgotten once you hear it and her singing is very delicate, causing a great impression that will stay with you.

Singer eill is a 23 years old artist who just made her major debut this April with the song
“Koko de Iki wo Shite.” The song ‘Koko de Iki wo Shite’ is the ending theme song of the
anime “Tokyo Revengers”.

Anime Production Committee.

It ranked in the top10 in 50 countries on the Apple Music J-POP ranking. Because of the tie up with the popular anime, the song has been watched over 30 million times and 40 percent of the viewers are from overseas.

The artist eill writes the lyrics of her own song and her biggest charm is her voice. Her music
actually has no genre. She creates music from many different music influences including K-
POP. At the same time, she has been getting popular as a fashion icon. She seems like the
symbol of Generation Z.

The official YouTube music video of “PLASTIC LOVE” by eill has been watched over 856.000
times as of October 29.

The lyrics and melody of the original song, which was first released in 1984, is still fresh with the arrangement by Tatsuro Yamashita. At the same time, eill’s version of ‘PLASTIC LOVE’
has brilliant balance as a pop song in 2021.

As many media have already mentioned, the revival of Japanese “city pop” music has been
viral in many countries recently, and ‘PLASTIC LOVE’ by Mariya Takeuchi is one of the
songs that started this trend.

“City pop” is sometimes described as a genre or the mood of the song. Happy End, Eiichi
Ohtaki, Sugar Babe, Tatsuro Yamashita, Mariya Takeuchi (Yamashita and Takeuchi are
married in 1982), Minako Yoshida, Yumi Arai (Yumi Matsutoya), Taeko Ohnuki are some of
the artists and bands associated with city pop music genre.

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