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October 29, 2021 | 11:17am

MANILA, Philippines — Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla revealed her idea of moving forward. 

In an interview with Fair Beauty, Kylie said her idea of moving forward is change and acceptance. 

“Change and acceptance. To move forward is to let go of the version of yourself that has expired. You have to accept your mistakes and actively move to be changed — change your habits, your beliefs, your thinking pattern,” Kylie said. 

“Otherwise, you will be stuck replaying scenarios in your head while trying to move on. It will feel like you are leashed to your past and you are suffocating trying to pull away. Set yourself free and take off the leash before you walk away.”



In the same interview, Kylie said she’s empowered when she embraces who she is.  

“I feel most empowered when I embrace who I am. When I accept both the good and bad about myself. In every moment, whatever emotions or thoughts, I try to find myself beneath all of it — my essence… more than my looks and even intelligence,” she said. 

“It is empowering once I find my truth and stick to it. I was taught my whole life to fit into so many boxes that just didn’t fit me, it was painful to try and keep pleasing other people. It’s empowering for me to muster up the courage to sit with it and ask myself if what I am doing thinking and feeling is what I actually value and is this something I truly believe in. I try to gauge myself on that inner compass,” she added. 

When asked how she will empower women, Kylie said: “Honestly, I used to want to be a role model. But I know that I am not. Being a role model is a heavy shoes to fill. I’m not sure if I want to be one anymore. What I want women to know is that life will be challenging. But we have so many opportunities now, we are the result of so many generations of women who fought for our freedom.”

“I want women to cherish the growth of their minds, their souls and their spirit — the value of their essence. So much focus is put on our looks when our real value should really be focused on our values and inner strength. There is no shame in being beautiful, it’s a great way to get attention and have your voice be heard but you also need to have something to say that is worth hearing,” she added. 

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