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October 29, 2021 | 10:58am

MANILA, Philippines — The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) issued a subpoena yesterday for talent manager Annabelle Rama over the cyber libel complaint filed against her by Senator Manny Pacquiao’s former aide Jayke Joson. 

In Niko Baua’s Twitter account, the ABS-CBN reporter shared that the subpoena was received by the village guard of the celebrity talent manager. 

“Just in: NBI Special Projects Team issues a subpoena for Annabelle Rama, after Jayke Joson filed a cyber libel complaint against her. Rama did not personally receive the subpoena, a village security guard received it instead,” he wrote. 

Jayke on Tuesday filed cyber libel and cyber-bullying complaints against the talent manager for accusing the former of theft, which she posted on social media along other claims.



Jayke was accompanied by his lawyer senatorial candidate Atty. Larry Gadon to the office of the NBI regional director Emeterio Dongallo Jr. — who also enlightened the media regarding the repercussions of cyber libel — to file a 16-page complaint.

“Mrs. Annabelle Rama has maliciously accused Jayke Joson of theft on her social media accounts, Instagram and Twitter, which were taken by mainstream media. Her malicious claims for being a partisan were only meant to destroy the credibility of Joson,” Gadon said.

“We have strong evidences of cyber libel and cyber-bullying against Annabelle Rama. At the same time, she did not refute nor deny her posting and the reports published quoting her claims. We want to teach Mrs Rama and other partisans some lessons for telling pure lies to discredit Mr. Joson. We want her to go to jail,” he added. 

Joson, meanwhile, said in jest that the case is his birthday gift to Rama, who will celebrate her 69th birthday on October 31.

After Jayke filed the case, Annabelle said in an ABS-CBN report that she is always right and she won over all her cases. 

“I am always right. Lahat ng kaso ko pinanalo ko. Tumigil na siya, stop using me. Hindi naman ako kandidato. Kung hindi, ilalabas ko pa mga baho niya at lahat ‘yon, may ebidensya,” Annabelle said. 

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