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October 29, 2021 | 11:37am

MANILA, Philippines — Actor Albie Casiño revealed that he’s tired of covering up for ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann. 

In one of the pre-season kumulitan livestream sessions of “Pinoy Big Brother” last October 26, Albie said it’s okay for him to talk about Andi now. 

“I think it’s been long enough. It’s okay for me to talk about it. I guess she moved on. So I can finally talk about it now,” Albie said.  

“I don’t mind and I guess I’ll be no holds barred if they ask because I’m kind of tired of covering up for her, bro, you know what I mean?” he added. 



Albie added that he’s happy now that Andi is now allegedly “super fat.” 

“I’m not going to hold my tongue so you can look good anymore. And my friends just saw her in Siargao and they said she’s super fat so that makes me super happy. I don’t know if that’s bad of me. But it brings me great joy to know she gained a lot of weight now,” he said.  

“Yeah, I don’t care. That’s the truth (laughs). Di tayo nagpla-plastikan dito. That’s the way we do it, man. Hindi tayo nakikipagplastikan dito. That’s the last thing we’re going to do,” he added.  

Albie also said he don’t mind seeing Andi in Siargao as he plans to go to the province after he exits the “PBB” house. 



“It’s funny because after I get out, I want to go to Siargao after but she’s there. It ain’t a thing. I don’t mind. I’m probably going to hit up the beach. I’m definitely going to hit up the beach when I get out. I’m probably going to get like four tattoos when I get out too (laughs),” he said.

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