Many know Carl E. Balita simply as pillar of business and education.

It is understandable.

The registered nurse and midwife (with doctorate degrees in Humanities and Education) initially established his name as founder of his namesake review center, going on to further his stature as anchor of a long-running business program on DZMM.  

Note, however, that he has gone far beyond that.

He has produced well-acclaimed films including Adolf Alix’s “Nars” and Lem Lorca’s “Maestra.”

Carl also produced the inspirational album “iDream” and the restaging of “KATY: The Musical.”

Obviously, entertainment is dear to Carl.

But unlike many, he doesn’t regard it mere idle pursuit.

He told us: “I love films, I love music. I am passionate about it. Apart from providing amusement, I believe these are among crucial aspects of culture, education.”

He added: “We could learn a lot from films, music. And learning is very important. It is what propels us forward. Without learning we remain stagnant.”

This is exactly why the 51-year old family man is now dipping his fingers into politics as among presidential aspirant Isko Moreno’s senatorial bets.

Carl wants to share with people wisdom he learned hoping to push the country forward amid the ongoing pandemic.

He says: “The pandemic presents various crises, with health, economic and learning being on top of the priority lists. I happen to be grounded on these three crises being a health professional, entrepreneur and MSME advocate and being an educated educator. My experience in leading quality organizations, my higher education, the network I have built across critical sectors and my willingness to find meaning in the experiences of the most vulnerable sectors hit by this pandemic could help transfuse the science of evidence and data-driven governance in the old art of politics. With that, we don’t only engage in making sense but in sense making.”

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