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November 1, 2021 | 12:00am

Last Oct. 23, showbiz was abuzz with news of the wedding of Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez. The ceremony was officiated by Bishop Teodoro Bacani and held at the San Juan Nepomuceno Parish church in Batangas. Carla and Tom began as a love team in 2013 and were a bona fide couple by 2014.

I asked Rea Reyes, the equally beautiful mom of Carla, about her thoughts on the wedding and her new son-in-law. Here are the highlights of our chat:

How did you feel when Carla told you the news that she was getting married?

“This is actually a funny story. Back in October 2020, we were in Tali beach staying in a really nice, modern house. The light switch was fancy and I wanted to show Tom so that he could get those for the house that he and Carla were planning to build. He was seated next to me on the couch and I said, ‘Tom, I want to show you something.’ He immediately stood up with his phone in his hand and said, ‘Me too, tita.’ (He then) began scrolling through pictures of engagement rings he was choosing from. I was not shocked because: (A) I knew in my heart that Tom was the one. (B) Duh! They were already shortlisting architects and designers for their house. And (C) it was just a matter of time.

“Tom finally gave Carla a 2.18 round diamond engagement ring, surrounded with 12 smaller diamonds to symbolize the birthday of Carla on June 12. He made the ring himself by studying how to melt gold, sizing and polishing it. Truly a labor of love!”

How did you help in the wedding preparations?

“For the preparations, Carla was in charge. Most of the time, she would ask for advice from me and Erica, her sister. When it was getting a little overwhelming, we reminded her that this was her wedding and she needed to assert herself.

Rea is the equally beautiful mother of the bride.

“For her wedding gown, I accompanied her to New York last March. We quarantined for three days and got our RT-PCR on the fourth day at a CVS store. On the morning of our fifth day, we went to Kleinfeld (the famous store where they shoot Say Yes to the Dress series). In the afternoon, we had an appointment at Monique Lhuillier’s shop. When she tried on the dress that she really wanted, I knew the minute she stepped out that it was the one. She said to me, ‘I told you, mom, this was my dress!’ They took her measurements and the day after, we flew back to Manila. In September, the wedding dress was shipped to us from New York.”

How long did the planning take? Any reservations about getting married because of the pandemic?

“The planning of the engagement was two weeks back in October 2020. I recommended having it at my house and Tom readily agreed. The wedding plans took a year. The wedding date has always been Oct. 23 but we had to change the reception about three weeks prior to the wedding. It was stricter in Tagaytay so we decided to move it to Batangas. There was never any reservation about holding it during a pandemic. We knew it would be challenging and we had to have lots of patience but it worked out in the end.”

Describe the journey of Carla and Tom as a couple. Why did you think that Tom was ‘the one’ for Carla?

“They are an extremely lovey-dovey couple. Tom is a perfect gentleman, the old-fashioned kind. And not just to Carla but to ALL women. He is a good catch! We all love him to pieces and are extremely happy that Carla made a good choice. I know in my heart that this marriage will last. Call it ‘woman’s instinct.’”

How soon will they start a family?

“ASAP! Carla is 35 and Tom is 34. This is also the reason why they did not want to wait until times were better because they already want to start a family. They started construction of their house last January 2020 and they want to fill it up soon, not just with furniture and appliances.”

Are you excited to be a lola?

“I am extremely excited to be a lola again. I already have three girl apos from Erica so I’m looking forward to more. I always say: If I knew grandchildren were this much fun, I should have had them first!”

I couldn’t agree more, Rea! I am certain that Carla and Tom will give you more beautiful grandchildren!

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