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November 4, 2021 | 12:00am

Andrea Brillantes has bloomed into a beautiful and self-assured young woman. At 18, she has starred in top-rating series like Huwag Kang Mangamba and Kadenang Ginto. She was candid during our conversation in The Interviewer Presents of Batalk Channel (Boy Abunda Talk Channel) on YouTube.

Andrea recently tested positive for COVID-19 but she is now doing well. Andrea revealed that it was difficult mentally because she has insomnia and anxiety. “Sa araw, sobrang kaya ko naman. I just read books. It’s difficult at night because I have insomnia. I could not sleep. Takot po akong mag-isa kasi lapitin ako ng multo.”

Blythe (Andrea’s real name) has already sought professional help to treat her insomnia. Her family was worried about her being alone but the young actress said it was only in isolation that she was able to have her own quiet time.

Some netizens misunderstood her when she recently talked about newcomers in showbiz. Andrea pointed out that it was her mindset when she was in her early teens and that it was taken out of context.

“I was surprised because I received a lot of bad criticisms,” said she. “First of all, it was normal for me. It was a normal pain for me and other artists as well. Kaya ko iyon nasasabi kasi ang dami kong nakaka-kwentuhan. They can relate but I’m not saying that just to justify my statement. I don’t understand because I didn’t say that newcomers do not deserve success. I didn’t invalidate their success, talent, and craft. All I said was masakit siya para sa akin kasi masakit naman talaga, na ang tagal tagal kong naghihintay and I was not getting there. But of course, that’s a thing of my past now.”

Meanwhile, her loveteam with Seth Fedelin is one of the hottest showbiz pairings today. The loveteam, fondly called SethDrea, will topbill the upcoming series Saying Goodbye. Andrea has nothing but praises for Seth. “Nalabas niya iyong Blythe. Nalabas niya iyong ugali ko when I was not yet an artist that somehow I have forgotten. Nabalik niya iyong dating ako.”

Here are excerpts from the interview:

What else are you discovering about yourself?

“It’s mind over matter. I realized that I must never think about my fears. Kapag di ako makatulog, lagi ko lang iniiisip na, ‘No one’s gonna hurt you, Blythe.’ I’m the only one who’s thinking that someone will harm me. If I don’t think, for example, about someone entering the door or there’s a ghost, it doesn’t exist. It only exists when I think about it too much.”

If Seth courts you, will you say yes to him?

“Kung sasagutin ko man po siguro after five years pa po kami aamin. I can’t answer that yet.”

At this point, you have no label but you’re the closest friends, will you allow Seth to court other girls?

“Ayaw ko kasi ang commitment, dapat talagang commitment iyan. You can’t commit to two people. Dapat sa isa lang.”

So you have committed to each other.

“May usapan na. May usapan kami na magtutulungan kami parehas. We both have goals. Parehas kami na gusto namin na sana kasama ang isa’t isa na marating iyong goal namin.”

What do you think is the true measure of success?

“When you are already contented. Pangarap ko lang magkaroon ng bahay and for me, it’s a success. I’m still longing for more. Gusto ko pang makabili ng lupa. For me, para masabi mo na successful ka is when you are already contented and you are not asking for anything more. If you take a look at your achievements, okay na. I’m done. I’m good.”

Aside from your family, who inspires you?

“Si Naruto. My fans inspire me so much and they keep me going every day. But my core is really Naruto because he’s there for me. He grew up alone without his parents. Lumaki siya na ayaw sa kanya ng tao. Iniiwasan siya ng lahat ng tao. I felt that way before I became an artist. But Naruto remains positive. He could be a villain with all the things that happened in his life but he became a Hokage (literally means fire shadow). Lagi ko lang iniisip na kapag kaya ni Naruto, kaya ko. For me, it doesn’t really matter where you get your inspiration or strength as long as you have someone or something that gives you strength and inspiration to keep you going every day. That’s important.”

You’re a blooming woman. How exciting is that?

“When I was turning 18, I was not excited at all because for some, 18 is the legal age to go out, to drink. I am an introvert. For me, being 18 is a responsibility kasi doon na mag-sisimula talaga ang pagiging mag-isa. I am more excited in adulting. Simple joys na mag-isa akong nag-wi-withdraw. Right now, I don’t feel blooming yet as a woman but I see myself maturing.”

Complete the sentence, I am Blythe and… And then after you say who you are, I am Andrea and…

“I am Blythe and I’m just a normal teenager who keeps on working hard to give myself and my family a better life and the life I’ve dreamt of having. I am Andrea and no matter how rough the road gets, I will make a path for myself.”

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