Prolific rap artist Because is now the biggest of his ilk in the country today.
This is mainly due to his singles “BMW” and “SMS.”

“BMW” is a single from the rapper’s  2020 album “Heartbreak SZN 2.”

The streams for said single on both Spotify and on YouTube surged in the past few weeks after it found its way into TikTok.

Note that in Spotify, “BMW” is now earning over 260,000 streams daily.

In YouTube, the music video gained an additional 203,819 views in the last 24
Meanwhile, Because’s latest single titled “SMS” is also doing well.

The release of the track (with the previously released “7777-2-3” track) is a break from Because’s three-year streak of releasing singles from his full length albums.

Said albums, titled “Heartbreak SZN,” “Rowena,” and “Heartbreak SZN 2” were released between 2018-2020. 

“SMS” is produced by NEXXFRIDAY a.k.a. Emmanuel Salen of WAYBETTR Music.

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