No doubt, the Korean wave has strongly impacted the world.

People all over the globe are now going gaga over everything Korean, whether it’s about food, make up, music or fashion.

It might be a surprise to some but League of Municipalities President and Narvacan, Ilocos Sur Mayor Luis Chavit Singson is actually also a k-pop fan.

In fact, he actually hosted popular k-pop group Momoland here not long ago.

Mayor Chavit’s fondness for everything Korean has led to his LCS Group of Companies investing on hotels, residential buildings, malls, resorts in South Korea.

There is huge possibility that he will also produce k-dramas and concerts there.

That said, Mayor Singson is still very much active in his effort to position Narvacan as a first class municipality.

At the moment he is pushing to finish the ongoing construction of the Narvacan Public Market.

According to Mayor Chavit, once it is completed, it will become the most sophisticated public market in the country boasting of its special features including solar panel roofing.

As LMP president, Mayor Chavit encourages all the local government units to follow Narvacan’s lead in using solar panel roofing so there will be more funds to save for other projects.

Note that the parking area near the market will also be fitted with solar panel roofing. This will serve as the power source for the charging of 5000 electric jeepneys, which will be distributed by the local government to drivers.

The project is funded by the LCS Group of Companies and can also be extended to local government units nationwide.

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