President Rodrigo R. Duterte called on developed nations to provide “scaled-up and predictable support” to countries vulnerable to climate change. 

Duterte made the appeal during his virtual speech at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Dialogue last Thursday. 

He noted people from developing countries are in dire need of such aid, which can be in the form of climate finance, technology transfer and development and capacity-building. 

Such intervention, he said, could help the said countries transition to a low-carbon economy. 

“In the interest of climate justice, we need these to transition to climate-smart development and adapt to and mitigate the worsening effects of climate change,” Duterte said. 

Likewise, Duterte highlighted the important role of the ABAC for the pandemic recovery in the Asia-Pacific region by improving digital literacy in rural areas and establishing the Social Protection Floor (SPF). 

He noted the importance of promoting digital literacy and establishment of the necessary infrastructure to facilitate it during the pandemic, when many business operations were made online. 

“This will help increase the economic productivity of marginalized groups under the new normal,” Duterte said. 

Such transition, he pointed out, should be complemented with the national Social Protection Floor (SPF) to address the “gaps in the social protection programs that were exposed during the pandemic.” 

“An SPF will guarantee a minimum set of social security benefits for all, including workers in the informal sector and gig economy,” Duterte said.

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