SB19 – “Bazinga”

Filipino pop supergroup SB19 has officially dropped the music video for “Bazinga,” the third single off their critically acclaimed EP, Pagsibol. Set in an underground combat zone, the music video shows the multi-awarded quintet defeating their enemies in an arcade combat game. In true SB19 fashion, it also doubles as an up-in-arms statement against the unwarranted criticisms hurled at the P-Pop group since the beginning of their music journey.

The song itself is written as a response to the hostility that is rapidly proliferating on the Internet, and a wakeup call for the band to focus their energy instead on meaningful expressions of art and music. In a statement, the chart-topping boyband shared, “One way to lighten the load is by writing a song that proves that we won’t back down to the negative comments and we’ll persevere,”


In a 21st century world where fake news and online gossip can easily spread, singer Paul Pablo “Gulo” stresses the importance of social media literacy. He wants the listeners to be vigilant in the online world and avoid sharing misleading news that could cause unwarranted trouble on the public. The track is made more remarkable by the fact that Paul Pablo himself is behind its lyrics, concept and vocals working with Xerxes Bakker and Jhay Ehidio of The Sound House.

DIONELA’ – “Sugal”

Rising star Dionela rides the soul train with his new single “Sugal,” a soothing R&B track that equates loving someone to risking with your heart in a gamble. He said, “The song is about being courageous in falling in love again after so many heartbreaks from your past toxic relationships.”  It’s a risky proposition where there’s no assurance of the final outcome even if it’s all part of growing up.

With his velvety vocals floating freely into the background, Dionela delivers a captivating performance that fleshes out both his persona and aesthetic. Over slick, bedroom beats and somber instrumentation, he sings as if coming from a place of innocence and earnestness—never holding back, but ready to accept whatever consequences that might come his way.

SYD HARTHA – “Kung Nag-aatubili”

In this stripped-down single, Filipino singer-songwriter Syd Hartha returns to her roots. According to the 19-year-old artist, “Kung Nag-aatubili” reflects her complicated attitude towards romantic relationships and intimacy. Marked by warm, laid-back guitar arrangements and soothing vocals, “Kung Nag-aatubili” starts restrained but assured of its exquisiteness, and builds into a musical wanderlust towards the end.

“I wrote this song a long time ago when I realized that I was starting to like someone, and I was already starting to let that person in my world, little by little,” Syd says.. “Looking at it in the present, I figured that these feelings are a by-product of inner wounds, and my inability to move forward. This also serves as an important lesson to me, that when I decide to commit to love someone, I should love them for who they are now, and accept them for what they’ve been through.”

NOBITA – “Di Na Mag-iisa”

The five-piece hitmakers have indeed come a long way from their humble beginnings as semi-finalists of the prestigious battle of the bands, Muziklaban. Their new single “Di Na Mag-iisa.”

Blends sparse, soulful instrumentation with words of romantic earnestness. The track stays loyal to the classic formula that made  earlier releases “Ikaw Lang” and “Unang Sayaw” remarkable hits, while embracing the sensibilities of a kundiman—a genre of traditional Filipino love songs that express intense longing and devotion.

According to vocalist Jaeson Felismino, “Di Na Mag-iisa” was inspired by the wedding vows that he has witnessed through the years. “The song is about the kind of affection that you’ve never known, a connection that is stronger than anything else in this world. That said, it sums up that very rare fondness of being one with that kindred soul, and finally confirming to the rest of the world that you are not alone anymore.”

PARASOULS – Drifters, Dream Makers EP

Power pop trio Parasouls transport listeners back in time with the release of their debut EP, Drifters, Dream Makers under Lilystars Records. The EP contains six meticulously crafted songs that showcase the band’s deft melodic touch and tight songwriting.

The Filipino indie band’s latest recording documents the easygoing days of being young and carefree, while waxing nostalgic of the people, places, and events that shaped their consciousness through the years. Written and produced by the band themselves, Drifters, Dream Makers articulates the self-conscious journey of youthful love and awakening.

In a statement, guitarist and vocalist Dani Dimaano articulated, “We wanted to make something that is filled with energy that will hopefully let you escape the real world, and experience euphoria at least the time being,” “If I were to describe it, it sounds like a dream. We all worked on this together, with the help of our friend Migzz Rival of Four Corners Musicians Lair.”

Most of the featured tracks above are out now on all digital music platforms worldwide.

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