The Philippine Post Office commemorated the 254th Anniversary of the establishment of the Philippine Postal Service last Saturday, November 13 with the launching of “Living Legends: World-Renowned Filipinos” (Series 1) stamps as a tribute to the indomitable Filipino spirit.

Lea Salonga a Filipina actress for theater and Hollywood and the first Filpino heritage to win the Tony Awards. She is represented by Tin Samson. (Photo by George Buid/BM)

This issuance is the first of the three categories with multiple series, namely Living Legends composed of Living Legends: World-Renowned Filipinos Series; Living Legends: Outstanding Filipinos Series, and Never Forgotten Series.

Adapting to the changing times, the Philippine Postal Office is now reviving the interest, innovating its Postage Stamps to celebrate, inspire and capture the spirit and excellence of Filipinos across every field of endeavor.

Rafael “Paeng” Nepomuceno, World-Renowned Professional Filipino Bowler, received a framed copy of his stamp and stamp sheets. He waves to the audience and raised a frame of his stamp. He gave a speech of appreciation and said that he started bowling at 12 years old. (Photo by George Buid/BM)

Presenting “Salamat, Pagpupugay sa mga Alamat!” (A tribute to Filipino Legends)! This is the Post Office’s modest way of giving recognition and honor to world-renowned Filipino talents, such as: Ms. Lea Salonga, Paeng Nepomuceno, Josie Natori, Jordan Clarkson, Diosdado “Dado” Banatao, Eugene Torre, Kenneth Cobonpue, Monique Lhuillier, Efren “Bata” Reyes, and Pinoy icon Jollibee.

Postmaster General Norman Fulgencio said that the Post Office takes pride in recognizing these great individuals, through stamps, fueling the Filipino passion for excellence anywhere in the world.

Eugene Torre, world-renowned Filipino professional chess player. The first chess grandmaster from the Philippines and of Asia in 1974. (Photo by George Buid/BM)

He added, “the stamps that the Post Office unveiled today, are also a celebration of the 75 years of the first stamp of the Republic of the Philippines.  In 1946, as we rebuilt the nation, from that year onwards, we saw the birth of talented Filipinos who have made a mark in different fields of endeavor.

He said, “The Post Office delivers not only mails and parcels, but this time shall be the bearer of good news, hope and inspiration to millions of our countrymen- to stand tall and proud showing the world what we Filipinos are capable of.”

Jollibee a Filipino fastfood brand that expanded outside the Philippines that started as an ice cream store. Mr. José Miñana, Chief Sustainability Office and Public Affairs Officer of Jollibee Foods Corporation, is to receive the commemorative framed stamps. (Photo by George Buid/BM)

In addition, the Post Office will launch a new generation of Philippine Postcards to capture the interest of people young and old alike to enjoy the product, creating more fun and excitement in keeping in touch with our loved ones.

In 1767, the first post office was established in the City of Manila under a new postal district of Spain. Inaugurated in 1931, the Manila Central Post Office Building was considered the grandest building and the most prominent landmark and tourist attraction. It was destroyed during World War II in 1945, but was rebuilt in 1946.

Josie Cruz-Natori, a Filipino-American Fashion Design, who has dressed Hollywood celebrities and international personalities. She is on video conference from USA and is represented by her sister Aida Cruz-Chinloy. (Photo by George Buid/BM)

Under the direct supervision of the Office of the President, the principal postal hub of today’s Philippine Postal Corporation, the Manila Central Post Office Building has maintained its majestic look, aimed at improving the efficiency and delivery of mails, parcels and money order remittances.

The “Stamps Collectors” Community also dedicated this month of November as National Stamp Collecting Month (NSCM). In 1994, then President Fidel V. Ramos, a stamp collector himself, issued Proclamation No. 494, which declared the month of November as National Stamp Collecting Month.

Image courtesy of George Buid

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