Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) recently earned laurels from the Business Intelligence Group’s (BIG) 2021 Public Relations and Marketing Excellence Awards, recognized as the PR Department of the Year and bestowing the title of PR Executive of the Year to MPIC Vice President for PR and Corporate Communications Melody M. Del Rosario.

Acclaimed alongside 27 other winners, MPIC’s PR and Corporate Communications team led by Ms. Del Rosario, has been acknowledged for their integral role in building and maintaining MPIC’s brand image, creating unified messaging across the holding company, its subsidiaries and the rest of the Manuel V. Pangilinan Group of Companies, and integrating corporate social responsibility into its communication framework as the primary working team for Metro Pacific Investments Foundation (MPIF).

With the interweaved roles of their department in communications, public and media relations, and corporate social responsibility, MPIC’s PR and Corporate Communications team create holistic messaging that keeps them top of mind as a leading infrastructure company that builds the country towards progress and builds up the lives of every Filipino.

Brand Building and Beyond

Seeking to reward those with vision, creativity and persistence, all hallmarks found in the world’s leading companies and individuals across the globe, BIG has rewarded hundreds of business executives, departments, products and entire organizations for almost a decade now.

Since 2014, the BIG PR and Marketing Excellence Awards were designed to acknowledge individuals and organizations who largely go unrecognized for helping to build great brands and products of world-class organizations. Previous winners included T-Mobile Corporate Communications, 23andMe, and IBM.

Above maintaining strong relations with top publications and media platforms, managing crisis and risk communications for the whole corporation, and maximizing efficiency for internal communications, their team crafted and trumpeted the narratives of MPIC’s meaningful work – both on the infrastructure front’s progress and the social impact of the Foundation’s initiatives. Moving towards the digital era, MPIC’s PR and Corporate Communications team successfully pivoted to integrate digital and social media, social listening tools, and media monitoring to further broaden its audience reach.

Dedicated to aligning its company brand with key phrases such as “partner in nation-building”, “contributing to national progress and development”, and “uplifting the lives of every Filipino”, MPIC’s messaging has transcended to create a bigger and more purposeful impact in the country.

Communicating MPIC’s Purpose

Del Rosario, who has been heading MPIC’s public and media relations, corporate communications, advertising and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for close to three decades, has invested her expertise in improving and bolstering the corporate public image of the Corporation, while also interlinking the Foundation’s purpose into the overall impact made by the group.

Aside from creating MPIC’s award-winning brand manual, she personally developed Shore It Up! (SIU), the Foundation’s acclaimed flagship environmental program, making MPIF a top-of-mind organization for the protection and conservation of coastal and underwater ecosystems. Under her leadership, the team successfully communicates the corporation’s actions to attain its two goals – to significantly contribute to nation-building and uplift the lives of all Filipinos.

“Our narratives go beyond updating our stakeholders on our business performance, infrastructure investments, or our current share price in the market – our primary intent is to communicate how our investments help towards bettering their lives,” says Del Rosario. “The work we do, coupled with the lasting impact of our commitment to the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance, is a story worth telling, and we are honored to be acknowledged for adding breadth and depth to our purpose.”

“We are so proud to recognize the work of MPIC,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “All of our winners clearly demonstrated that, in order to be successful, you must have expertise in the PR and marketing crafts but also in business. Congratulations to them all.”

Other 2021 Public Relations and Marketing Excellence Award winners include work from: yellowHEAD, GrowthMode Marketing, Best Doctors Insurance, Contentsquare, The Brand Agency, Jive PR + Digital, Next PR, Cherish PR Limited, MAPRagency, BLASTmedia, Press Kitchen LLC, Vested, Finn Partners Global Intelligence, Upraise PR, TrustRelations, Talkdesk, ADP, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Impact Marketing Team, Aurora Labs, Marketing Department, Pan American Energy, Ford Hutman Media, Hazelcast, Covanta, and Toast.

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