Every time lockdowns are in effect, a lot of us find ourselves spending more time indoors or working from our homes. Without us noticing, it can actually be painful to our budget since it only means one thing – more hours at home, more electricity consumption.

Paying electricity bills is really a big dilemma for everyone since it takes up a huge chunk of our expenses. With the stress of budgeting hovering over our monthly routine, bills payment itself should no longer be a burden for us. Good thing, multi-channel payment platforms like Bayad are here to allow for a safe and easy way to settle our electricity bills with different options to choose from. Whether it’s in one of their many physical payment touchpoints nationwide, or online through its website and app – Bayad has really made bills payment a breeze for Filipinos.

And for customers of leading consumer finance and digital financial services provider Home Credit, they can now also enjoy the speed and convenience of paying their Meralco bills through the My Home Credit App, thanks to Home Credit’s latest partnership with Bayad.

With your payment safety and convenience guaranteed, you can make your life even better by checking their tipid tips to save up on electricity. (And if you’re on a WFH setup since last year or still reporting to the office, anyone can use some new ideas to save electricity, so these tips might prove useful as well):

  1. Stay in one room

Have you ever been in a meeting with someone where you can clearly hear another person in their background also talking? Well, you’re not alone there. It’s probably because they’re sharing a room with a family member who’s also working or attending online classes. With almost all family members at home, each adding to their own share of using electricity – energy consumption can skyrocket.

Instead of using light, aircon and fans separately while staying in different areas of the house, the entire family can share the living room or office room to save some electricity. And if one member of the family needs silence or privacy especially during meetings, get into an agreement as to who will use the room at a certain time, with the AC on, while the others can occupy other spaces of the house.

If you’re lucky enough to be alone in your condo or apartment, choose a space with natural lighting or beside a window to let the cool air in. This trick can never go wrong to keep you motivated while doing that report or attending a virtual meeting. If you really need to use an aircon, try to set a timer or use it in its lowest setting (e.g. If Thermostat is at 25°C mid setting, you can save up to 50% from your electricity).

  • Unplug or turn off appliances & devices that are not in use

Take the opportunity of being together to teach the household the habit of turning off appliances that are not in use. There are times when we would forget to switch off the light or fans but imagine the energy we can save by doing so.

Another good habit to practice is unplugging appliances or gadgets that are on stand-by mode as they still consume electricity even when they’re not in use. On televisions alone, a 21-inch TV can add up to Php 20.00 on your bill every month if not unplugged.

Your office area might also have a power cable for computers, phone, tablet, chargers and others so installing a power board or power strip will help you easily turn it off with just a single push or click.

  • Use the right device in the right way

Are you more of a desktop-type of person? You might want to rethink your current preference to make a huge cut in your electric bills. Laptops consume around 70% to 80% less than desktop computers so that’s a huge difference in savings. It doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your computer; you just have to learn how to juggle your choices.

When it comes to tablets or mobile phones, try doing the “low-battery” rule when charging your devices. Do it only when the power is completely out as long as it won’t compromise the health and performance of your gadget.  You can also opt to use “energy saving” modes on your devices so it will stay longer.

Bonus tip: More bonding time, more electricity savings

Aside from the practical tips mentioned above, you can always save electricity and still enjoy the good things in life. After work, lessen the amount of time spent on smartphones and more quality time with yourself or family.

Apply these helpful tips daily so you can level-up from “Sweldo na ulit, kailangan na namang magbayad ng kuryente” to “Sweldo na ulit, pero kayang-kaya magbayad ng kuryente!”.

Bills payment made easy with Bayad and Home Credit’s partnership

With Bayad and Home Credit’s partnership, payment for essential bills, including Meralco, will now be available in the My Home Credit App. Just tap the “Pay Bills” icon on the dashboard and choose your biller. Then, supply the necessary details to confirm the payment and complete your transaction.

This exciting feature is available to Home Credit’s credit card users for fast and convenient payment for their bills using the My Home Credit App, with NO ADDITIONAL FEE (that’s another tipid tip for you!) and real-time posting for select billers like Meralco.

We are happy to partner with Home Credit to bring the convenience of online bills payment to the users of their mobile app,” says Lawrence Y. Ferrer, President and CEO of Bayad. “Movement still remains limited with the implementation of quarantine restrictions so instead of going out, you can pay your bills anytime and anywhere, making financial services accessible and available for Filipinos ” he added.

With a total of 7 million app downloads, the My Home Credit App is available in Google Play Store so download now to enjoy contactless bills payment all from the safety of your home.

You may also visit their website at www.homecredit.ph or follow them on www.facebook.com/homecreditph for more information.

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