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November 20, 2021 | 12:00am

Julie Anne San Jose wants to keep herself relatable and relevant to others and somehow contribute something to their everyday life. This is what the singer-songwriter revealed in a recent virtual media call for the Part 2 of her Limitless, A Musical Trilogy.

Julie Anne simply manifests that music has a greater purpose beyond entertainment. It could be a starting point for one, amid personal challenges and changes, to Breathe and Heal, as the titles and themes of her online show’s legs one and two suggest.

Tonight in Limitless, Part 2: Heal, Julie Anne will present that as she and her team treat viewers to a sight and sound tour of another part of the Philippines and her music.

“The feeling is good when you get to share your music and your experiences through your craft,” said she. “I feel fulfilled, especially when I know na may bunga yung hard work (that your hard work has paid off). As an artist, I’ve been given an opportunity to use this platform to share my music and experiences like how I got started, how I write songs and how I relate myself to viewers.” That’s why she couldn’t help but feel very overwhelmed by the good reviews the virtual show has so far received.

“Hindi talaga namin lubos maisip na, alam mo yun, nakagawa kami ng ganitong klaseng project,” shared Julie Anne. “Ever since it was born, we never really expected that it would be this good. We only aimed for like a world-class, high-quality content. I guess it’s like one of the things I’m really proud of, aside from the fact that I’m able to sing my songs and showcase my talents, mas nakikita at na a-appreciate din natin yung ganda ng Pilipinas.”

Julie Anne with fellow Clash Master Rayver Cruz. ‘We listed down names of possible featured artists. We all agreed that Rayver should also be part of it since he is like one of my closest friends at work and even in life.

Julie Anne had first-hand experience of it as the first leg brought her to some places in Mindanao and the second one to the island of Siquijor in the Visayas. It thrilled her because she loves traveling.

“Kumbaga, parang all in one na rin siya,” said she of the show’s format, “may halong musical performances, parang may documentary. It’s like you’re watching a travel show. I’m also very thankful that GMA Synergy is there and it has given me such an opportunity to also find myself and rediscover things I have to rediscover in myself. I’m also excited because hindi pa tapos yung Limitless, A Musical Trilogy.”

After Part 2, Julie Anne is set to explore Luzon with Rise as the theme.

“In the first part, I carried a guitar, mas may puso. The second part mas may energy, alam mo yun, parang mas fun, mas energetic, para siyang celebration,” said she to pique viewers’ interest.

Among the highlights of Heal is seeing Julie Anne playing the piano on a sandbar with a beautiful sunset as backdrop. She described the experience as “serene and beautiful,” as she was being surrounded by a body of water, which, according to her, symbolizes healing as people get cleansed. This upcoming Limitless performance is again one for the books.

“There are things in life that are not given resolutions,” said Julie Anne, “For example, may pagdadaanan tayo, tapos kunwari lilipas na lang, hindi na bibigyan ng (resolution).” She added that a person doesn’t need to get healed right away. “It takes time. It doesn’t matter how long it will take, but at least you’re progressing. You’re getting there, you’re getting by.”

The Part 2’s theme also makes one acknowledge the challenges and issues in one’s life that need to be faced, added she. “Every single day (is part of the healing) process. Hindi naman isang pitik lang ay magic, OK na ako. I think healing is important in a person’s life. You acknowledge the events and circumstances in your life that hinder you to move forward and be better. It’s really important that you allow yourself to take control of your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions.” Thus, Breathe was the title of Part 1. “Taking a breath is always the first step,” said Julie Anne. “And then, we pause. After that, medyo nasa mas mahirap na part, like we face our challenges, we confront (them) and that’s how we heal.”

Joining her in the show are Jessica Villarubin, The Clash Season 3 grand champion, and Rayver Cruz as guest performers.

“We listed down names of possible featured artists. We all agreed that Rayver should also be part of it since he is like one of my closest friends at work and even in life,” said she of the inclusion of her fellow Clash Master. “He’s such a good friend. Parang it’s much better if you are with a friend when you go around and travel. We’re comfortable (with each other) and we never had a hard time working with Rayver.” In fact, the entire Limitless team had fun in capturing the musical experience in a show. They wanted to create a musical journey that people could relate to.

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